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Padma Mccord Enterprises LLC





Listed in the 2011-2012 Cambridge Book of Who's Who TOP VIP members in book inclusion, President Padma McCord of Padma McCord Enterprises, LLC, has been trusted business consultant in the Houston, TX area for more than a decade. Endowed with great talent in well visual plus great spiritual beauty, Padma McCord is known for her unique zest for life & her talent to indulge in multiple high-end ventures all at the same time. With exquisite ability to focus on objectives and to get things done in the most cost-efficient, risk-free manner, President Padma McCord has capably assisted many satisfied home owner find luxurious homes in prime locations in the U.S Regions Houston TX, Katy TX,Padma McCord has recently been honored as one of the most exciting women in business in Houston, Texas. Director Padma McCord possesses a range of interests, including films and media work, in addition to her being in a fruitful career in real estate investment.

Padma G. McCord’s real estate investment ventures include selling thousands of new homes in the United States, helping that many very satisfied customers who were looking to buy new homes. This she did both when the real estate market in the US, especially in Houston, was on a positive trend, as well as when the sector was experiencing its fair share of ups and downs. Courageously, Padma McCord has pursued excellence in business policies and tirelessly provided integrity-centered customer service to Win whatever challenges have come her way. Thus, Padma McCord Enterprises, LLC continues to be a sought-after real estate investment service provider by thousands of real estate customers. Focusing on luxury real estate homes, New Homes President Padma G McCord operates her firm as a visionary who knows the nuances & ins & outs of the industry and who certainly knows that no setback is too great to overcome. For Padma G. McCord, owning luxury homes is in the now reality Life.

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