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Objective & Snapshot


Manager with 10 years of work experience in the areas of Process Management, Operations, People Management, Project Management & Process Quality with inclination towards Integrity in the assignment owned. Optimistic in conflict resolution with attained Leadership styles

Areas of Expertise


Operations Management:

·Implementing short & long term plans for achieving process objectives

·Actively participating in resolving operational challenges as well as implementing new process & procedural changes by directly dealing with clients through email communication & conference calls

·Coordinating with internal & external clients [Training, Quality, SDL , Hiring] and providing regular feedbacks & updates on procedures

Process Management:

·Monitoring overall functioning of process & identify opportunities for improvement and thereby implementing adequate measures to maximize customer satisfaction level

·Mapping clients requirements and coordinating in developing, implementing & transitioning processes in line with the guidelines specified by the client

·Creating and implementing workflows to facilitate structured support in all areas

·Overseeing process improvement initiatives through system changes, process realignment & efficiency management

·Sending reports to the Top Management and maintaining the agreed SLA’s thereby focusing on maximizing customer experience with optimized cost


Customer Relationship Management:

·Supervising customer service operations for rendering and achieving quality services. Second line customer support by owning escalations

·Maintaining cordial relations with customer to sustain the profitability of business

People Management, Training & Development:

·Identifying and implementing strategies for building team effectiveness by promoting a spirit of cooperation between team members

·Creating & sustaining environment that fosters development and motivates high performance

·Developing positive work environment to enhance productivity through personal impact by way of team meetings & regular 1:1’s with individual team members

·Conceptualizing & developing need based training modules for development of skilled workforce to cross utilize within sub processes for optimum efficiency

Successful experience in customer service, sales and support functions with recognized strengths in problem solving and trouble-shooting, service staff support, and planning/implementing proactive procedures and systems

Six Sigma Projects Executed


·Reduction in TPV rejects: The project was aimed at reducing the TPV rejects by 15%. In liaison with stake holders from Operations, Training & Quality we were able to deep dive & identify the prominent root causes, with agreed control mechanism we have reduced the TPV rejects by 19%

·Revenue Realization – PO clearance: Due to sales orders getting stuck in the interface due to incorrect inputs caused increment in past due. I have worked towards designing the work flow in liaison with technology team & thereby contributed $2.10 MM revenue realization to the business

·Revenue Impact – AR interface: Purchase orders not being interpreted correctly through the interface and thereby hindrances registered in order flow & the receivables moving into PD of 45 & 60 days bucket. Clearing the interface helped us contribute impact of $1.99 MM to the business

Specialized training & Personality Development Programs


·Six Sigma Certified – ESCI & GENPACT

·Effective Management Practices

·Interpersonal effectiveness & Influencing Skills

·Personal Effectiveness & Business Writing Skills

·Feedback & Coaching G.R.O.W Model

·GNIIT Certification

·Post Graduation Diploma in Computer Applications

Career Summary



Jul’10 - Present

Manager Operations

Role & Accomplishments

  • Wok on elimination of waste through kaizen activities in the team thereby ensuring continual improvement in the project
  • Solving complex customer service issues and proactively heading off negative service trends.
  • Understanding and correctly utilizing resources provided by internal systems, departments, policies, and procedures.
  • Development, analysis and improvement of new strategies and procedures.
  • Develop, plan, and implement short- and long-range SMART goals.
  • Developing and achieving performance goals and objectives in order to achieve customer promise expectations
  • Ensure great customer experience on every opportunity provided by customer within policies and guidelines of the organization
  • Wok on elimination of waste through kaizen activities in the team thereby ensuring continual improvement in the project
  • Leading and developing a team in liaison with training, learning & development along with administration and logistics teams
  • Responsible for the overall direction, coordination and evaluation of the team.
  • Identifying and eliminating barriers to accuracy, productivity, and quality.
  • Carrying out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with organizations policies and procedures
  • Additional responsibilities include interviewing, training and motivating employees; planning, assigning and directing work; rewarding and disciplining employees; and effective conflict resolution.
  • Communicating policies to associates and become the primary information source for staff
  • Ensure compliance and consistency in day to day productivity related activities.
  • Taking corrective action as necessary and documenting the issue and actions taken.
  • Performance Rating - High Valued, Top Tier “Exceeds”


Feb’09 - Jul’10

Front Line Manager

Role & Accomplishments

·Worked for GE Healthcare in their clinical systems business covering the chain of market study through production through after market services

·Delivered $4MM business impact in FY 2010 for key stakeholders of the business

·Contributed $ 60000 in revenues for the organization through new business deals

·Service delivered to the customer is gauged through the NPS roll out half yearly. Scored 100% promoters - FY 2010

·Digitization of archived records on approvals & submissions of the modality

·Built a standalone tool for a modality in healthcare to determine the production v/s backlog a fortnight in advance

·Performance Appraisal of the team members [quarterly, half yearly, yearly] as per the vintage in the organization

·Ensure career path is planned for team members above 12 months of vintage in the organization [Discussed, documented and vetted through the HR team]

·Weekly reporting the capacity utilization and seat utilization of the shop as part of the review with the leadership team

·Mining existing accounts and share the best practices within the other sectors of the customers to drive growth

·Work in collaboration with the training team to plan trainings for the team at the beginning of the year to ensure employee skill set enhancement

·Plan multi skilling activities within the team to ensure optimum utilization of the resources

·Drive employee engagement through different activities on the shop floor and thereby have a tab on employee attrition

·Drive projects to give business impact to the business of existing customers

·Update Manager on process performance and critical people issues

·Managed 8 processes with 8 stake holders and drive operational metrics having direct impact in the respective businesses

·Monthly roll out of incentive plan to the team as per the structured bifurcation

·Assessing the knowledge levels of the team through product assessment module monthly and develop a training plan for the bottom 10 employees

·Facilitate in house training for the employees on the floor as a self initiative

·Design goal sheets for the 36+ members in the team as per the structure developed in close coordination with HR team

·Performance Rating - High Valued, Top 70

Satyam BPO

Aug’07 - Feb’09

Senior Team Leader

Role & Accomplishments

·Inclined towards initiating Six Sigma culture @ work place and driving 100% adherence towards laid process within program through regular audits

·Performance Appraisal of the team members [Fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, confirmation appraisal and yearly performance appraisal] through the G.R.O.W model, also communicate performance plans and target setting in accordance with program SLA’s

·Identify and analyze performance trends and gaps and accordingly designing the coaching plan for the team members

·Help team members identify their strengths and map their aptitudes, strengths, aptitudes to future CPP [Career Progression Plan]

·Handling large team amongst the program with 2 SME’s and one coach

·Collaborative approach throughout the formal interaction with team members and in the documentation process as well

·Working closely with process excellence team for effective resource usage

·Closely coordinating with support functions and working towards driving accurate outcome

·Participating in internal & client calibrations to bridge the gap between state side team and the off shore team

·Process SPOC for quality and refresher training for on floor associates & applications training for new hires as additions to the operations floor

·Provide subject matter expertise on the process

·Update Manager on process performance and critical people issues

·Coordination with HR team for delivery of HR services and People programs

·Individual calibration with team members

·Joint call Monitoring with the team thrice in a week and discuss adherence to skills for success

·Maintaining schedule adherence of the team to ensure required productivity is met on daily basis

·Assessing the knowledge levels of the team through product assessment module week on week

·Was part of process documentation and was responsible to coordinate with recruitment team to understand their SOP and include the same in the standard document

·Employee attrition of the last three quarters was maintained at 0% with 6 members in the team from top 10 and sustenance of the same

·Designed process maps of the current process

·Designed repository structure for the entire shop for easy retrieval of the documents as per the requirement

·Deep dive on NPS scores given by the customers for the entire shop with training plan for the bottom 10%

·Performance Rating - High Valued, Top 70

Essar BPO

Jul’06 - Aug’07

Process Quality – MIS, Documentation & QA

Role & Accomplishments

·Continuous monitoring of quality SLA & feedback delivery for performance improvement.

·Engage self in improving processes through reengineering, system check & process automation

·Regular interaction with client to keep the entire team posted about the various ongoing promotions.

·Motivating the team towards first contact conversion & suggest process improvements to reduce call handling and increase conversion %

·Identifying source of complaints and driving a reduction in complaints through coordination with other departments. [E-Sat]

·Provide subject matter expertise on the process

·Update Manager on process performance and critical people issues

·Coordination with process excellence team for the purpose of improving the process

·Coordination with HR team for delivery of HR services and People programs

·Identify potential people issues amongst the team & resolve the same on a proactive basis

·Coordination with Facilities / Logistics team for the purpose of organizing transport & other requirements of Team Members

·Imparting training and providing opportunities to individuals to implement their learning and exhibit their leadership and team handling abilities.

·Maintaining schedule adherence of the team to ensure required SLA’s are met

·Provide process problem resolution assistance to teams via calendarised One on One & coaching sessions

·Taking part in the client call to provide feedback on current customer requirements & what offers from client would interest customers & withstand competitors.

·Act as a change agent and provide implementation assistance as and when the need arises

·Assess performance of team members & conduct performance appraisals

·Educating officers through refreshers in regular intervals to ensure accurate data capture.

·Hold regular team meetings with Team Members to ensure that there is constant flow of information and knowledge dissemination – query logs, issue resolution

·Performance Rating - High Valued, Top 70


Sep’02 - Nov’05

Team Leader

Role & Accomplishments

  • Work with vintage customer service professionals on liability accounts & investment options. Responsible for their individual performance & consistency across vintages.
  • Quarterly, half yearly, annual appraisal of the direct reportees.
  • Real time queue management & was also part of this team when this was setup in the organization.
  • Daily activities to ensure service levels are met as per the service level agreement.
  • Call quality monitoring of team members followed by feedback to ensure SLA of call quality is met.
  • Conducting weekly product & process refreshers quickly and effectively solve customer challenges.
  • Maintain quality control/satisfaction records, constantly seeking new ways to improve customer service.
  • Handling performance appraisals of team members
  • Conducting various audits as part of daily routine & ensuring zero errors in all the processes.

·Executing resource management skills by delegating tasks to the team,

and providing support towards accomplishments of their goals.

  • Maintaining the occupancy levels by conducting the channel blending activity.
  • Have handled two batches of bridge when this concept was introduced in the organization, also have handled 3 batches in financial year 2005-2006 comprising of 65 members & was successful in maintaining 90% graduation percentage of the batches.
  • Ensure that shift adherence is maintained and the call center is adequately staffed at all times through capacity planning.
  • Involved in accounts initiations unit for activities like processing of the credit card, replacements along with fraud management.
  • Collating and analyzing various data in order to prepare weekly and monthly MIS, the same to be accordingly reported to the Operations Manager.
  • Liaising between the business group, and other units of the center to ensure efficiency in the work processes.
  • Performance Rating – Rated 1 consecutively for three years on a scale of 1-5 with “1” being the best

I2I [American Express Service Partner]

Apr’00 - Aug’02

Executive Customer Service

Role & Accomplishments

  • Offered customer service to American Express customers and following up on application processing.
  • Handling all escalated calls, as well as directly interacting with customers to solve issues / concerns.
  • Instrumental in igniting revenues from cold sales.
  • Delivering feedback to the agents in line with the set call handling parameters
  • Complaint handling of the new applicants & forwarding the same to the client on daily basis.
  • Preparing daily MIS of the various activities in the center, formatting of the same & at the end of the day forwarding the same to the head office.
  • Ensure the accounts compliance is adhered through daily, weekly and monthly Audits.

·Actively involved in the training and implementation of customer relationship

management database workflow

  • Supervising a team of 15 Officers in the customer service delivery department.
  • Performance Rating – “Outstanding”

Work experience

Jul 2010Present




Jan 2004Jan 2007


Rajasthan University