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Pacific Wealth Management™, located in San Diego, California, is an independent firm that specializes in providing clients with optimal financial outcomes through the use of an exclusive method called Proactive Asset Management™. This proprietary asset management system places wealth preservation as the highest priority in managing a portfolio. This is achieved by developing a unique wealth management plan for each client that takes into account their personal financial goals and evaluates the market with a long-term scope.

The financial advisors at Pacific Wealth Management use the Proactive Asset Management system to seek out growth-oriented investments during times when the economy is flourishing. When the economy is suffering, the system provides clients with limited exposure to potential pitfalls and high-risk investments. Utilizing a relationship-based business philosophy, Pacific Wealth Management advisors stay in touch with their clients so they are aware if goals or life situations change. This practice, coupled with careful research, allows the highly trained and skilled financial advisors to execute strategies based on objective evaluation of a client's portfolio. Independent research is conducted on a fee-based compensation model that compensates the firm based solely on a client's portfolio value. Due to the success of the Proactive Asset Management system, the firm's financial advisors have received numerous accolades, including one being named as one of America's Top Financial Advisors of 2011 by Conquest Press.Pacific Wealth Management provides financial advice for several different types of business and personal situations including lump sum events like inheritances, retirement, charitable giving, and legacy planning. The firm also offers the services of the firm's sister company, Pacific Divorce Management, in the event of a divorce.