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Solutions-focused, team oriented technician with broad-based experience and hands-on skill in the successful implementation of highly effective help-desk operations and the cost-effective management of innovative customer and technical support strategies. Proven ability to successfully analyze an organization's critical support requirements, identify deficiencies and potential opportunities, and develop innovative solutions for increasing reliability and improving productivity. A broad understanding of computer hardware and software, including installation, configuration, management, troubleshooting, support, and design. Proven ability to communicate efficiently with co-workers through few methods of communication and make good decisions successfully under pressure.


Sep 2007Present

In Progress

Rochester Institute of Technology

Goal Degree: Bachelor of Science (Will graduate by Winter 2011-2012) GPA: 3.4 out of 4.0

I.T. Concentration: Computer Forensics & Security

Liberal Arts Concentration: Criminal Justice

Coursework completed at Rochester Institute of Technology:

  • PC Hardware I, II and Operating Systems
  • Applications Software (focused on Microsoft Office 2007)
  • Introduction to Network and Security (usually called Cyber Self-Defense)
  • Introduction to Multimedia
  • Introduction to UNIX
  • Programming Fundamentals (focused on Java programming)
  • Programming for Information Technology (Levels 1, 2A, 2B and 3)
  • Introduction to Database and Data Model (mySQL)
  • Interactive Digital Media (Flash)
  • Cyber Self-Defense Lab
  • 2 types of Algebra classes, Trigonometry, and Pre-Calculus
  • Discrete Math 1 and 2
  • Scientific Basis and Social Responsibilities and Human Genetics and Evolution
  • Introduction to Psychology; Philosophy & Literature; Science, Technology and Values; Modern American History.
  • Written Communication II and Writing Seminar

Coursework in progress at Rochester Institute of Technology:

  • Computer Crime
  • Foundations of Sociology
  • Beginning Spanish 1
Aug 2003May 2007

High School Degree

James A. Cawood High School

Rank: 15 of 105 GPA: 3.5185 out of 4.0

Coursework in James A. Cawood High School:

  • Keyboarding Applications
  • Word Processing
  • Computer Applications
  • Advanced Computer Applications
  • Cisco CCNA Networking I, II, III, and IV
  • Journalism (Yearbook Staff)


Client/Server Networks
Implement single-log in and centralized administration capability through a directory service such as Active Directory Create and manage user, computer and group accounts Implement and manage services such as file and print sharing, DHCP and DNS Took Cisco CCNA 1, 2, 3, and 4 classes in high school
Networking and Cyber Security
Recognize PC and Network related security vulnerabilities through risk assessment and plan and implement network security measures Install, configure and support an organization's LAN Maintain network hardware and software and analyze problems through network monitoring to ensure its availability to system users. Took Cisco CCNA 1, 2, 3, and 4 classes in high school
Web Development
Create Web pages using validated XHTML that incorporate text, graphics, and internal and external links. Create HTML tables and frames Format Web pages using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Create Web forms Experience with Photoshop/Web for image manipulation, rollovers, image maps and animation Experience with Dreamweaver and FrontPage to create a Web page, including the use of page templates Design Web pages using six design principles: alignment, readability, proximity, contrast, accessibility and repetition Experience with Flash for development of Flash applications, animations and games.
PC Technical Support
Install, configure, and upgrade both PC and Mac hardware and peripherals and Windows & Mac OS X operating systems. Diagnose and troubleshoot PC and Mac hardware, periheral connections and drivers and Windows & Mac OS X operating systems and drivers. Perform needed preventive maintenance for PC and Mac hardware and software.
Computer Systems
Microsoft Windows 95 Microsoft Windows 98 Microsoft Windows 2000 Microsoft Windows ME Microsoft Windows XP Microsoft Windows Vista Microsoft Windows 7 Linux UNIX Apple Mactonish OS X.
Microsoft Office
All of Microsoft Office softwares including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
Java (Computer Language)
Typing Skills
Average of 105 words per minute (WPM). Maximum has been reached to 137.

Work experience

Feb 2006Present

Decals Designer and Owner

Pace Graphics (Self-Employed)
  • Create, design, and cutting decals
  • Decal applying on surfaces (windows, signs, etc)
  • Designed many election signs for politicans running for political offices
Jun 2010Aug 2010

Information Technology Specialist (internship)

Harlan County Community Action Agency

Will set up and maintain new computers and the new workplace network for the building that has went through renovations. Will encounter a hardship to wire Ethernet cables all through the building in order to provide each computer a connection to the workplace network in the data room. Also will have to set up a data room that will have a rack, multiple servers connecting to the state's data network, routers, and firewalls. Will also maintain the website.

Jun 2009Jul 2009

Systems Administrator / Data Processing Entry

Harlan County Community Action Agency
  • Maintains the website
  • Data processing entry using Word and/or Excel
  • Assist end users with their PCs
  • Troubleshoot and maintain the building's network and PCs
Mar 2009Jun 2009

Computer Technician/Builder

RicPac's (Self-Employed)
  • Build customized computers to meet customers' needs
  • Repair any computer problems customers faced and provide support with hardware physical devices, operating systems and softwares
  • Install operating systems on computers
  • Ensures that the computer(s) are up-to-date and perform maintenance


May 2009Present

CompTIA A+ Certified - IT Technician