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Experienced political and communications strategist, highly skilled in international affairs, government relations, media outreach, public relations, and public policy. Subject matter expert in technology policy and Internet governance with deep experience in both Latin America and the Asia-Pacific regions. Currently managing the public affairs portfolio for APNIC.


  • Political strategist highly skilled in international affairs, government relations, and public policy
  • Subject matter expert in technology, Internet governance, Asia and Latin America
  • Strategic communicator adept with media outreach, public relations, and messaging
  • Technology policy expert and Internet evangelist
  • International liaison with significant experience in high-level global meetings
  • Key organizational contributor valued for expertise, original thinking, and collaborative style
  • Effective mediator with a unique ability to bridge disparate groups, mindsets, and paradigms

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2014 - Present

Strategic Engagement Director


Responsible for facilitating strategic decision-making by the Executive team. Coordinates the external relations program of APNIC.

Aug 2011 - Dec 2013

Public Affairs Director


Responsible for coordinating APNIC strategic engagements, particularly at a senior level with governments, key intergovernmental and treaty organisations, and other key stakeholders.

Jul 2010 - Jul 2011

Senior Public Affairs Advisor


Responsible for providing key advice to APNIC's Director General on cultivating and managing relationships with governments, key intergovernmental and treaty organisations, and related bodies.

Mar 2007 - Jul 2010

Manager, Regional Relations

  • Contributed to organizational growth by playing an active role in the establishment of the Washington DC office and improving collaboration between different areas of the organization
  • Instrumental in developing an international mindset within a U.S.-centric organization
  • Worked with the Latin American Internet community – government, private sector, user groups, and country code top level domain registries (ccTLDs) – to achieve strategic goals by establishing relationships, building trust, and promoting strategic alliances
  • Promoted participation in ICANN processes; increased attendance of Latin Americans to ICANN meetings
  • Implemented media and outreach strategies in the Latin American region
  • Signed eighty percent of the country code registries (ccTLDs) in the region into an agreement with ICANN
  • Completed a cooperation agreement with the Inter-American Telecommunications Commission (CITEL), the main regional inter-governmental group of the telecom sector that coordinates positions for global fora
  • Facilitated the creation of the first regional at-large organization for Latin America (LAC-RALO)
  • Brought ICANN to Mexico for the first time; played a key role in facilitating the meeting for 1600 participants and representatives from 150 countries
  • Spent eighty per cent per year traveling to meetings in Latin America and abroad; participated in meetings of international organizations such as the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and the Internet Governance Forum (IGF); scheduled high-level, one-on-one meetings at the ministerial level, and with high-level officials in the government and private sector.
  • Completed a researcher Visitorship at the Center for IT Policy at Princeton University
Feb 2006 - Feb 2007

Regional Liaison, Latin-America


Worked with the Latin American Internet community (government, private sector, ccTLDs and user groups) to promote regional representation in ICANN’s processes. Knocked doors, established network of contacts, built trust and promoted strategic alliances.

Jun 2003 - Jan 2006

Director of Multilateral Affairs, International Bureau

  • As the sole expert on Internet policy and governance in the Mexican government, led Mexico’s participation in several important forums including APEC-TEL, ICANN, ITU, OECD, and Regulatel
  • Served as Chief negotiator on Internet governance during the World Summit on the Information Society (2003-2005)
  • Served as Vice-Chair, Government Advisory Committee of ICANN (2003-2005); see
  • Held significant leadership role as the Advisor to the Chair, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Telecommunications and Information Working Group (APEC-TEL), (2003-2005); see
  • Participated in Mexico’s defense in a Telecommunications WTO dispute with the U.S.
  • Member of the Consultative Committee, NIC-Mexico, (2001-2005); see
Mar 2000 - May 2003

Deputy Director


At the International Bureau of COFETEL. See achivements above.

Aug 1998 - Mar 2000


  • Played an important role in the initial surveys for a Presidential candidate in the first Mexican election resulting in a democratic transition after 75 years of a single party in power
  • Prepared a development plan for the State of Guerrero