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Newark Strategy Group, LLC

Managing Partner

Fonseca Consulting Group, LLC



St. John's University



Pablo Fonseca is a seasoned campaign strategist and government affairs consultant in Newark, New Jersey. Currently, he serves as Principal and Managing Partner of Newark Strategy Group, LLC, and Fonseca Consulting Group, LLC. Together, the firms offer a wide range of consulting services for businesses in both the public and private sectors. They provide assistance in areas including urban economic development, strategic planning, business marketing, and advocacy. Pablo Fonseca’s recent projects include working as Political Director for Mayor Cory A. Booker’s 2010 campaign. Before establishing his career in consulting, Pablo Fonseca served as Chief of Staff for the City of Newark Mayor’s Office. His responsibilities included managing 50 staff members, including a senior management group and all Department Directors. Working closely with the City of Newark’s legal department, he ensured that local government activities conformed to all laws and regulations. Mr. Fonseca’s background in government also includes serving as Newark Chief Code Enforcement Officer from 1991 to 1999 and as a Legislative Aide for the Office of Councilman Cory A. Booker from 1999 to 2002. He also served as Marketing Director for Booker, Rabinowitz, Trenk, Lubetkin, Tully, DiPasquale & Webster, PC. Educated at St. John’s University, Pablo Fonseca earned his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice in 1987. Active in his community, Mr. Fonseca contributes to Newark Now and the local Boys & Girls Club. He also supports Federacion Latina de Newark. He previously served as a Trustee for the Newark Downtown Core Redevelopment Corporation.

Booker Team Campaigns Instrumental to Successful Reforms in Newark

Pablo Fonseca serves as managing partner of Fonseca Consulting Group, LLC, and Newark Strategy Group, LLC. Mr. Fonseca leverages his experience as campaign manager for the Booker Team and chief of staff of the Office of the Mayor in Newark, New Jersey, to advise clients on campaign strategy, governmental affairs, and other key areas.In 2006, Cory Booker won a bid for mayor of Newark and positioned a slate of supporters, dubbed the “Booker Team,” on the city’s municipal council. With a campaign led by experienced legislative and government consultant Pablo Fonseca, the Booker Team leveraged the talents of more than 1,500 volunteers and paid staffers. Ultimately, the Booker Team swept all nine city council seats in 2006, which gave Mayor Booker an unprecedented opportunity to institute policy shifts. Throughout the 2006 Booker Team campaign, Pablo Fonseca oversaw budget, fundraising, and administrative programs to drive key political activities. The Booker Team enjoyed a sizable fundraising advantage over its opponents and outspent adversaries by more than 25 to one. As a result of solid city council support, Mayor Booker implemented an ambitious plan to revitalize Newark with an emphasis on crime reduction and improved city services.The Booker Team achieved another strong showing in 2010, but it won only seven of nine city council seats. Even so, the campaign efforts of the Booker Team stand out as a model of success for municipal political contenders.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Newark Offer Summer Camp Opportunities

An experienced campaign strategist and government affairs consultant, Pablo Fonseca serves as managing partner of Fonseca Consulting Group, LLC, and Newark Strategy Group, LLC. Mr. Fonseca supports the Boys & Girls Clubs of Newark in New Jersey.The Boys & Girls Clubs of Newark aim to provide empowerment opportunities for young people to help them excel and contribute to their communities. One positive program sponsored by BGCN is summer camp. With two day-camp options available—one at a 100-acre outdoor campus and another at BGCN program sites in the city—campers enjoy activities that contribute to their social and academic growth.Campers ages 6 to 13 participate in BGCN’s Life Camp, held in Pottersville, New Jersey. At Life Camp, participants get close to nature and explore a variety of character-building activities, artistic endeavors, and physical challenges. Whether campers desire to express themselves via drama or music, take part in sports such as swimming and biking, or learn more about the environment, BGCN’s Life Camp provides unparalleled options for fun and learning.For campers ages 6 to 13 who prefer to stay in the city, the Summer Enrichment program mixes traditional BGCN programming with special interest activities on nature, technology, and other topics. Both BGCN summer camp programs teach valuable skills to participants and create memories that will last a lifetime.