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Work experience

May 2007Present

Boardwalk Cabnetry
May 2007Present

Boardwalk Cabnetry

Transport cabinets for my dad to designated areas.


Aug 1999Present



Haven't graduated, but in the process of graduating to attend a college.


Good Attitude
With all that i do, I make a positive attitude while I'm getting the job done.  After all, it's always a good thing when the job gets done.
Hard work.
All my life i have learned to work till it's done the best you can do it.
Team player ( Leader )
I'm a team player.  I'm usually the leader in the group.  I'm good at listening and working things out so everyone is happy.

Work Sample


Going to college.  Being a programmer, mechanic, or teacher.  Also enjoying life to the fullest.


As you know, my name is Dalton Cox; I'm in the School of Business here at Pine View High School.  I'm also in the National Honors Society Club, I like to be a good example to others.  I like to do anything, I'm mainly good at fixing and playing video games or video game systems.  I like learning new things as well with being quick with learning them.  Also, I like to be a in a good environment with good energy.