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After completing a 3 month drafting internship at Fab-Expert, I was immediatetly promoted and began training as  junior technical designer by request from Fab-expert President (CEO) Eric Mora.

Over the past 2 years, I have lead and participated in the design and fabrication of several projects. Periodically moving from design lab to production floor. This versatility has alowed me to oversee and co-ordinate projects from begining to end, see  the many aspects of running a competitive business aswell as helping me aquire both technical and hands on experience.I am a Fast learner that can adapt quickly. Work well autonomously but can also work well with and co-ordinating a team. Good worksman Hands, eye for detail, very creative and good at providing innovative ideas and solutions.

Work experience

Sep 2010Present


Fab - Expert
Jun 2008Aug 2008


West Island Roofing

Sketch & Dimension Residential Roofs for Project Estimation.



West Island Career Center


AutoCAD 2009-2010 (& previous versions) Backround in Residential & Commercial drafting. (Architectural, electrical, plumbing & HVAC plans) Technical Drawings
Basic knowledge of construction, building, carpentry and joinery. Using various materials (wood, hard & soft plastics) and tools. Competent and comfortable in a shop setting.
Hot Air Welding
Sealing, joining and manipulating foams and plastics.