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Work experience

Feb 2011Present




Aug 2008Present

High School Student

I have been attending Natchez High School for three years. I am currently a junior. I try to keep my grades up to par and remain a honor roll student.

Aug 2009May 2010

Fallin Career and Technology Center

In my sophomore year of high school, I attended Fallin and took Computer Systems Technology. This class showed me how to take manage and operate on computers by basic training and learning about the many components used in and on a computer.


Baritone player
I have been in the band for 8 years. I began on the trumpet in 5th grade. I played it for two years and began playing the baritone in 7th grade. After 5 years, I have grown to become an excellent player. I am the baritone/ low brass section leader and 1st chair in concert band.
I am a waitress at Shoney's restaurant. I have been working there for about a month. I am currently doing a very good job and learning as I go. The tasks for my job include regularly checking on customers, delivering food, supplying drinks, and cleaning tables after customers are finished.


After I finish college at the University of Southern Mississippi, I would like to become a dermatologist. What inspired me to want to work in this particular field was seeing how my dermatologist helped me and other members of my family with a few bodily mishaps. Also, I always wanted to work in the medical field. Seeing that helped pull me toward the dermatology field.


To obtain an entry level position relating to Dermatology.