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I'm a software engineer and aspiring entrepreneur specialising in enterprise Java, application architecture and web/UI technologies. I have experience developing e-commerce web applications for small businesses, as well as larger enterprise systems.

I am self-sufficient, work well in a team, and am technically accomplished on the three technical software tiers. I also have experience with third party systems integration.

I am interested in working with Spring, Spring MVC or Grails to rapidly deliver high quality software. An truly agile and supportive work environment is essential for this.

Personal interests: ashtanga & synergy yoga, road cycling, weight training, reading, current affairs, technology.


Jan 2002Dec 2002

B. Sc. (Hons)

University of Cape Town

First class pass (81% overall)

UCT Postgraduate Need/Merit Scholarship

NRF / Department of Labour Scarce Skills Scholarship

Jan 1998Dec 2001

B. Sc.

University of Stellenbosch

Pass with distinction (>75%) for 7 of 8 subjects in final year

Class medal for French intensive (extra subject)

Work experience

Owner & Architect

Flexcite Software Solutions

I single-handedly developed TravelMojo, an enterprise Java/Flex web application product for the accommodation industry. Included payment gateway integration, mobile gateway integration, setup of an Ubuntu Linux server, Flex UI and real-time transactional processing, including continuous housekeeping and report services. I am currently in the process of converting architecture to use JPA and client-side ORM. Along the way I have experiemented with Cinnamon/Pimento, Spring Roo and OpenJPA.

I performed a technical review for previous employer Intec for their new product that I was involved in architecting. I researched and drew up business and systems proposal for new online initiative for major local online tour operator. I am currently negotiating the outsourcing of the development with a development house. I performed a 1 month contract for Cognician doing UI development in Flex 4.

I performed a 1 month contract for Foord ( implementing several dynamic online forms using HTML4, CSS2, JavaScript and Servlets/JSP.

Jun 2012Present

Senior Java Developer (web)

Metropolitan Health Group, Momentum Group

I am currently contracted to maintain the existing Momentum closed and open scheme web applications (JSP, Wicket, JSF portlets), and to help rebuild them.

I developed a Spring 3.1 middle-tier prototype for these new applications as well as a middle-tier prototype using the new in-house JEE-only architecture, involving EJB 3.1, targeting WebSphere Application Server 8.

I have developed presentation-tier Spring MVC and Spring MVC Portlet (WebSphere Portal with WSRP) prototype web applications. I have created and mapped XML schemas for a SOAP web service interface. I also taught myself the fundamentals of Grails with a view to develop a Grails prototype.

Jun 2011May 2012

Sole developer

Bookpay Internet Services

Bookpay is a full online admin system for anyone who sells their time, providing automation of bookings, billing and payments through multiple channels. I implemented integration with a payment gateway, Google calendar, and the Horde platform.

I took over development of this transactional end-to-end LAMP-based system from 3 other developers. Over 9 months I developed a large amount of new functionality and learned PHP and CakePHP, as well as refactored the system into a far more stable state. The system is in closed Beta currently with live users and transactions.

I worked in the Cytrus offices at Century City, which piqued my interests in web and mobile technologies. I deepened my skills with HTML4, CSS and Javascript (jQuery) and MySql.

The company is now in a holding pattern for a strategic partner or investor and I am only performing maintenance work on the system.

Mar 2007Oct 2009

Java Application Architect

Intec Telecoms Systems

I took over development and architecture of a JSF web application project, where I performed support & maintenance and implemented some additional features.

(13 months)I performed extensive research into JSF frameworks and complementary technologies with the aim of determining a suitable web technology to use in the following version of the application given the new business requirements. I also familiarised myself with the upcoming Flex 3.(1 month)The aforementioned JSF project was put on hold and I worked for several months on the company’s largest application (in Java). I have also written a requirement specification for the replacement of a VB 6.0 application in a more suitable, modern UI technology. (3 months) I mentored a junior Java developer and was part of the Architect’s Forum. I developed a prototype of a new application in Flex 3, integrating a prototype of a complex visual Flash component developed by a third-party software vendor.(4 months)I developed a new Swing-based application and implemented UI standards and common code for the team.(3 months) Self-initiated project: I undertook research of Wiki platforms to combine old departmental and technical Wikis into a single solution. Research covered SharePoint, Trac, JSPWiki and MediaWiki. Selected MediaWiki and deployed and configured with several extensions.I implemented the first release of the new rich Internet application using Java and Flex 3 for which the prototype was built, including embedding of the real Flash component that I architected. I oversaw the actual development of this component by the third party software vendor. I was promoted to Technical Architect, focusing on UI. In this capacity I worked on architectural initiatives in a team to refactor and integrate our main products and took on other strategic architectural work, such as UI standards, and common look-and-feel. I developed architecture and technology choices for a new project that would form a core platform for future products and projects. This involved developing suitable architectural approaches and practices for the large and complex product suite.(6 months)
Jul 2006Feb 2007

Java & Flex Developer


I helped complete development of a loyalty administration web application involving Flex and Java, and worked on a financial administration system. I also established a complex build and deploy system to Tomcat/WebSphere for the latter.

I undertook voluntary tasks such as establishing CVS procedures and doing extensive web application framework research for the senior architects. This included a comprehensive look at Flex 2.I voluntarily took part in several Corporate Social Responsibility drives.
Jan 2005Jun 2006

Java & Flex Developer

Altech Isis Information Systems

I began with front-end development and maintenance of a complex portal-like call-centre application for Vodacom. I also set up a build system for our main front-end application development and restructured our CVS repository.

I performed research into the viability of competing web technologies such as Struts, Macromedia Flex, and new Microsoft technologies such as Avalon. I was then responsible for assembling a prototype of a major new web application using Flex 1.5 and J2EE in a proposal to Vodacom.I architected the Flex front-end and J2EE back-end, introducing modern third party tools such as Spring. I also mentored a junior developer and was involved with the recruitment of 4 new developers to assist with this project. I produced all project documentation. I directed the process of refactoring the entire call-centre application to merge with the aforementioned back-end in a phased approach.I was involved in server configuration (clustering, session replication, single sign on etc.) and troubleshooting with JRun and Tomcat. This included deployment to production systems. I performance-tested the application using enterprise-level tools such as Segue SilkPerformer.I was responsible for maintaining a developer-oriented wiki-like website on the company intranet for our team to use in addressing issues and providing documentation on current and new work.
Jan 2004Dec 2004

Java Developer

London Bridge Software

I was offered an irresistable opportunity to be part of a new team in Cape Town to perform J2EE and Java development. This included WebSphere Application Server administration and application assembly and deployment (for which I was responsible), and the all the aspects of a managed project (team development, CVS, frameworks, UML, unit testing etc.).

I was flown to Wellesbourne, UK for 3 weeks to do some WebSphere and compiler work at the main office. I was also trained in WebSphere Application Server 5.1. I was promoted to team lead 2 months before the office was closed down due to a take-over by Fair Isaac.
Jan 2003Dec 2003

Enterprise Java Developer

Nexus Connexions

Following on from my Honours year project, which was performed in conjunction with this small start-up, I went on to take full time employment and performed J2EE and Java development of a community-oriented social support loyalty concept involving linked loyalty accounts and point distributions.

This included WebSphere Studio development and WebSphere Application Server administration as well as Network and enterprise hardware administration. I performed web development on legacy and current WebSphere application servers.


Spring Web Flow
Have used Kanban in a start-up company for 3 months.
Spring MVC Portlet
Spring MVC
Object Orientation
HTML4 & Javascript (jQuery)
Analogous to Ruby on Rails and Spring MVC.
HTML, JSP, Servlets
Flash CS3
iBatis & iBator
Design Patterns
Server Platforms
Ubuntu, Solaris, HPUX
MySQL, Oracle, DB2
Versions 2 and 3, including Spring Security, Spring Roo and Spring-Flex integration.
Unit testing with EasyMock/Mockito. Integration testing with Spring testing support and DBUnit.
Apache Tomcat
Apache ANT
Have attended two rounds of training presented by different accredited training companies. Have used Scrum in a large company for 18 months.
Version Control
Java 1.4 - 6
Adobe Flex
Includes BlazeDS, Cinnamon/Pimento, PureMVC, integration of Flash components.


Scrum training

Scrum Sense

Domain Driven Design

Aslam Khan

IBM WebSphere Application Server V5 – Administration


2005 Macromedia: Developing Rich Internet Applications with Macromedia Flex


Advanced Java

Incus Data

Core Spring (v2)


2008 Flash CS3 Level 1 & Level 2

Incus Data

Sun: Developing Architectures for Enterprise Java Applications (SL-425)

Sun Microsystems

SpringSource Certified Spring Professional (v3)

Sep 2012Present

Scrum training

External training company