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Career Summary

Professional Experience

May 2015Jul 2015

FastTrack'D Developer

Cook System Inernational

File-Sharing Application

  • Created a multi-user, public file-sharing application that makes use of Java networking sockets to access remote machines on an IP network.
  • Developed the multi-threaded back-end server and the client requester application.
  • Designed and implemented the graphical interface using the Swing API.
  • Utilized JAXB framework to access XML configuration files for client and server apps.
  • Designed and implemented a communication protocol, based on the exchange of Java objects, which are serialized and de-serialized to extract embedded request information.
  • Designed the Java objects that are used in the communication protocol.

Environment: Eclipse-IDE, Swing API, JAXB, XML,

Online Social Networking Application

  • Created a model of a popular social networking application with functionality including user registration, login, tweet, retweet, follow, and commenting.
  • Integrated Spring Security, preventing access to secure pages without logging in.
  • Implemented the bcrypt hashing function on the password field and used the same for login authentication.
  • Autowired the service and DAO layers using the Spring Inversion of Control (IOC) framework for better modularity, looser coupling, and easier maintenance.
  • Used JSP, jQuery, JavaScript, Ajax, and CSS to create a dynamic and rich user interface for improved user experience.

Environment: Eclipse-IDE, Spring IOC, MVC, JSF, CSS, Ajax, 


Jul 2015

Cook Systems FastTrack’D Java Program

Cook Systems International Inc.

Concentrated Java Frameworks and developer tools training 

May 2015

Bachelor of Arts in Software and Information Systems

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Concentrated in Software Engineer

Technology Expertise

Programming:Java, J2EE, Spring MVC/IOC, AOP, jQuery, JSP, JSF, Prime Faces, AJAX, HTML, JavaScript, HTML 5, XML, XSD, CSS, JMS, Spring MVC, SQL, C++, C#,

Eclipse, NetBeans IDE, Apache Ant, Maven, JBoss Tools, SVN, Git Repository, Apache Tomcat, WildFly, Spring Tool Suite

RDBMS:MySQL 5.X, Hibernate
Operating Systems:Windows, UNIX, Linux, Android