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Related Courses

♦ Graphic Design Principles

♦ Typography

♦ Photography

♦ Desktop Publishing / Layout Design

♦ Advertising Design / Print & Digital Ads

♦ Communication Design / Storyboard Concepts

♦ Web Design / CSS & HTML

♦ Graphic Design / Logo, Concept Design

♦ Package Design

♦ Branding

♦ Illustration

Work experience

Jan 2010Present


Dr. Eileen Tsai Chen M.D

My Duties:

♦ Phone Operator / Verify Insurance

♦ Data Input / Paper Work

♦ Contact Patients

♦ Work as an interpreter if needed


Secretary's Assistant

Brooklyn Education Organization Center

My Duties:

♦ Phone operator/Copy/Fax/Print

♦ Enter and Updated Data

♦ Designed flyers for seasonal activities

♦ Scheduled appointments for students

♦ Organized documents in alphabetical order


Sunrise Law Firm

My Duties:

♦ Phone operator/Copy/Fax/Print

♦ Type/Sent Required Letters for clients

♦ Scheduled appointments for clients

♦ Fill out forms as client required


♦ English ♦ Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese and Fuzhounese)
PC and MAC
♦ Adobe Photoshop ♦ Adobe Illustrator ♦ Quark-Xpress ♦ InDesign ♦ Dreamweaver ♦ Microsoft Office (Word, Access, Excel. PowerPoint ♦ WordPerfect  


I had completed my Assoicated Degree in Advertising Design in 2009. I like this field so I decided to continue my study and move to the advance level.  Now I am enrolling in the Communication Design as in Graphic Design Module. My goal is to find an internship which helps me build my portfolio and become graphic designer in the near future. I have skills and experiences for advertising, graphic design and packaging, such as creating Ads campaign, logos, branding, brochures, layout design, visual identity and print . In addition, I'm very familiar with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Microsoft Office and entry level of Dreamweaver, Flash and HTML.


To obtain a position as a Graphic Design Intern, which help me build my portfolio and exposure to the business world. Experienced with advertising related projects.


♦ Advertising campaign

♦ Graphic Design related projects