Maria Hjalmarsson

  • Östersund Sweden


I am a hardworking person who prefers tasks that demands accuracy. I always aim for preforming at my best. In both my previously employments and in my recreationals activities, have I always been in contact with lots of people. I find it interesting and challenging to  manage different personalities and situations, and the service industry suits me well. Providing service and give a suitable treatment to people also dominate my recreational activities, as I am engaged in different sports associations.

I am a positive person who tries to meet everyday in a positive state of mind and I am capable to remain calm in stress ful situations.

My ambition is to take my experience in service and handling all kinds of people and situations, in to an employment as an official. It is my firm conviction that officials need to be as service minded as the workers in the service industry.  

Work History

Work History
Apr 2008 - Present

House keeping

First Hotell Ett

During the peak season in the summer, is it my responsibility to select the additional staff, and to instruct and train them.  

Dec 1998 - Jun 2004

House keeping

First Hotel Gamla Teatern

In addition to the cleaning of the hotel premises, I had several areas of responsibilities.  Jointly with the matron I took part in planning, and distributing assignments. I was partly responsibility for the stock of consumer goods, and I was trusted in making orders if necessary. 

One area of responsibility of mine, was to instruct and train newly employees and  trainees. I also was the hotels safety representative for five years.

During the matrons absence I was the manager of the department of house keeping.


Sep 2010 - Present

Mid Sweden University

I am currently studying courses in Psychology to make my  earlier studies more broaden, and I am aiming for a Bachelor of Arts within this main field.

Sep 2007 - Aug 2010

Bachelor of Arts

Mid Sweden University

I studied within the Programme of the International Administrative, the official length of the programme is 180 credits. The main field of Jurisprudence represent 105 credits, with courses in inter alia: EU-law, Administrative law, Commercial law, Method of Jurisprudence and Bachelor Thesis.

Remaining credits are courses within the fields of Political Science and Psychology. 

This is education programme is a first cycle qualification with the lenght of 3 years, that gives access to second cycle studies.

My grades are consistently  within the range good to excellent and I have a solid foundation for employments within both the public government sector, and the private sector.



Computer skills

Using the Windows program: Word, Excel and Power Point for PC. 


Fluent in written and spoken. 


Native language. Fluent in both spoken  and written, also in formal use.