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Dog training, Agility Training, Outdoor Excursions, Digital Media, Church Ministry, Traveling, Rock Climbing, Social Gaming, Outdoor Sports, Journaling, Filming.


My goal is strengthen the life-long relationship between you and your canine companion using reward based methods through my family friendly private lessons and group classes. My greatest joy in my job is helping people and dogs come together as a team. I do not believe in building a relationship out of fear because perfect love casts out fear. It is when we can learn to understand one another through love and not fear is where the true connection begins between people and their canine companions.


Trevor Smith started training dogs since he was 6 years old. Diana Smith mentored him throughout his learning to become a dog trainer. When he was at the age of 16 he was hired on as a instructor at Hearts and Paws. There he started teaching his own classes and private lessons. He has been working there ever since. Diana Smith and Trevor have been working on developing family friendly dog training programs together. They designed Club Pup, a camp that allows kids to come train their dog or rescue dog. At the age of 21, he received a Certified Professional Dog Trainer certificate. He has also been a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers since 2007. 

Life Focus

Life Motto:

Travel Beyond The Surface

Life Mission Statement:

Through God's Love, travel beyond the surface of life in order to bring restoration in all the lives you encounter upon this earth.

Life Legacy Statement:

I feel a calling to greatness in my life. The road may be rough and full of obstacles that may seem impossible, but I plan to set may gaze upon the goals set before me. This incredible journey is worth every step that I take in order to grow closer to leaving a legacy.

"This is a man that saw past what was needed at the surface. This man saw the deeper needs of his friends, family, and everyday people. With that insight, he used it to bring about restoration in each one of our lives. We are all here today to acknowledge what this man has not only done for the people in his life but for the canine companions that were with them. We thank you for building a future of beautiful hope, pure love, and everlasting friendship for us all."

Work experience

Jan 2004Present

Dog Trainer/Behaviorist

Hearts and Paws

Hearts and Paws had its modest beginnings in our home. We started there with small dog boarding and training as well as teaching classes in different areas around Austin. Diana helped develop the training programs for the volunteers at Town Lake Animal Shelter and the SPCA during that time. Our business has remained a family based business because it started with one family, the Smith Pack, who loved teaching others about the wonderful world of dogs. As our family grew and added on new families, it was time for Hearts and Paws to move to a bigger house. Hearts and Paws has now teamed up with Happy Tails Pet Resort, which is the new home of Hearts and Paws Training. We are really excited about the future of Hearts and Paws with Happy Tails and can't wait to share what the Smith Pack plans to do in 2011!


Video Production
Knowledgeable in handling a camcorder, editing footage, adding graphics/texts, uploading to internet, recording audio, setting up lighting equipment, and creating music tracks.
Family Dog Training
Obedienc, Puppy Training, Home Manners, Agility, Behavioral Consultation, CGC Training, Trick Training, Group Training, In-Home Training, Private Training, Stay and Train Programs


High School Diploma

Cedar Park High School
Aug 2007May 2009

Austin Community College


Oct 2009Present

Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA)

Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers