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Jure Klepic

Director of Sales & Marketing at Bon Bon Bodywear



15+ years of consumer packaged goods experience and strong legal knowledge.

Deep understanding of European, Asian, North American and Middle Eastern markets.

Internationally experienced growth catalystwith repeated success in driving up market share, sales, profit margins and brand awareness for global high-end consumer and luxury good corporations. Frequently deliver record-breaking outcomes.  Recognized by customers, partners and peers for relationship-building skills. 

Work experience

Jan 2009Present

Director of Sales & Marketing

Bon Bon Bodywear

Hired to develop marketing sales and business development strategy and infrastructure for newly created company. Built and currently oversee a team of 13 in Canada, Asia, US and Europe along with 10 distributor agents in Asia, India, Europe and Pacific. Report to CEO and serve on executive management team. Manage budgets for advertising and promotions, production and sales revenue. Drive marketing strategies, product positioning, market, consumer and competitive analyses. Oversee all marketing communications including branding, PR, advertising and web site. Lead brand and product management and related research initiatives.

  • Researched the industry, conducted competitive analysis, hired top account managers, and created the brand and pricing strategies that enabled the company to successfully penetrate niche market.
  • Slashed production costs 55% and increased profit margin 10.58% by negotiating a new production deal with a high quality, leading fashion production house in China.
  • Envisioned and executed international market penetration strategy that will yield $7.5M from Russia and $8.5M from Asia. Entered 3 new markets in Europe in 2010.
  • Personally generated new revenues of $1.7M by opening 32 new accounts in just one year.
  • Attracted 17,500 online customers with a return visit rate of 33% in just 3 months.
Feb 2006Dec 2008

Regional Commercial Delegate & International Training & Merchandising Manager


Developed and increased sales in Middle East, India, Sri Lanka and Maldives. Tapped to repair troubled relationships with key retail accounts. Simultaneously challenged to retrain 700+ beauty advisors in 17 countries and overhaul merchandising approach. Led team of 63, personally managed 21 client accounts in 14 countries and held accountability for hitting $20M+ revenue targets.. Executed brand promotions, managed merchandising and ensured proper stocking of products in all locations.

  • Achieved record sales in the history of Givenchy skin care products, surpassing target by 550% and beat out largest competitor by promoting product in alignment with brand strategy.
  • Improved brand ranking from #17 in 2006 to #3 in 2008 and increased market share from 9% to almost 20% by ramping up sales staffing in key locations and bringing in top talent to handle key accounts.
  • Boosted YOY sales by 36% (and as much as 178% in one market) after implementing comprehensive training programs that were later adopted region-wide, and restoring relations with key accounts.
  • Cut promotional costs and landed 30% more promotional space than average at no additional costby negotiating favorable modifications to trade and rental agreements.
Jan 2004Jan 2006

Sales Supervisor/Trainer


Managed sales and organized training for 60 beauty advisors and 200 store personnel.  Implemented marketing and sales strategies for retailers and merchandising activities. Challenged to maintain company's leadership position through increased sales, executing promotions per marketing plan, motivating sales team to overachieve, and opening stores in new retail locations.

  • Increased YOY sales by 30%+ and market share growth of 5%. Bolstered sales by 63% in 2004, 26% in 2005 and surpassed goal by 21% in 2004 and 33% in 2005.
  • Achieved top 3 brand ranking by training and developing a team of exceptional sales professionals. Boosted ranking for YSL fragrance from number #3 to #1.
Aug 1996Dec 2003

Brand Manager - Luxury Brands


Started as Training Manager and moved into this role to direct and lead business operation. Measured sales performance, pricing structure, margins and profit. Negotiated with retailers, determined budgets and conducted SWOT analyses. Developed advertising, sales and PR plans.

  • Transformed stagnant, underperforming brands into high-performance lines that outperformed goal by 25%. Hit a performance record, with one Coty product becoming the leading mass-market brand with a YOY sales increase of 88%.
  • Reversed major losses on P&L, and managed 4 successful product launches.Achievements includeda 7% market share gain on one new brand in only 8 months.
  • Boosted margins by 3.5% and pared down promotional costs by 15% by implementing process improvements.

From 1996 to 1999, recruited to the company and fast tracked to training manager roles. Began career with an enviable record of achievements that continued in subsequent jobs.



Juris Doctor ~ JD





Ana Claudia Coca

“It was a pleasure to work with Jure, he had a very good understanding of the human nature, a skill which help him in negotiations with the clients and to succeed in everything his doing. With a very pleasant personality and humor he establish long term business relation and he was one of my preferred suppliers. A self motivated and enthusiastic leader offering extensive sales and marketing experience, through his professionalism and integrity. I really enjoyed working with him.” 

Matej Balaz

“I have had the great pleasure to get to know Jure on a professional level. I have known Jure for over 2 years now. His enthusiasm is contagious and his work ethic and varied knowledge yield great results. He clearly loves what he does and is damn good at it.”

Yulia Tyukova

“"To Whom It May Concern: I strongly recommend my colleague, Jure Klepic, for employment. I have had the pleasure of working alongside him for all most 3 years in the Sales department, where he has been entrusted with a great deal of responsibility. I have had the opportunity to observe Jure's professional skills as well as interpersonal style. He is consistently pleasant, and takes on all assignments with enthusiasm and dedication. I wish that all my co-workers had his attitude. Regardless of deadlines or other pressure, Jure always delivers. His superior organizational skills make him the consummate multi-tasker. While I will surely miss seeing him around the office, he has earned the opportunity to further his career at any firm. Sincerely, Yulia Tyukova"” 

Nika Bregar

"Jure Klepic is a professional and results driven no-nonsense sales and marketing expert, who knows what it takes to be successful executive in the market. Anyone in needs of brand, sales and marketing development should definitely put Jure Klepic in his contact list! Jure is one of the most flexible, dependable and top performing executives I have ever work with. His character and interpersonal skills are 10 out of 10."

Helen de Oliveira Carvalho

“Jure is a fantastic asset to any company. He is very smart and has a great eye for detail. A truly great business man.” 

Debrah Walker

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Jure Klepic since 2008, in both a personal and professional capacity. During that time I have observed Jure's ability to effectively breakdown situations and problems, in order to efficiently and comprehensively look at strategies and tactics for solving them. He has a natural inquisitiveness that lends well to researching and evaluating alternatives that lead to contemporary and effective resolutions. His ability to articulate concepts and ideas has contributed to his success as a sales and marketing professional, across markets and industries. Jure's work ethic has been instrumental in his proven record for delivering results, on time and according to established plans. He is sensitive to timeframes, which lends well to his project management initiatives. I look forward to continuing to witness Jure's success in his future endeavours and heartily applaud organizations and individuals who have the opportunity to participate firsthand in Jure's work."