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About Me

Up until now, my main professional role has been that of a student. I majored in creative writing and love writing and editing work, but in reality my passion is more broad.

I love to solve problems. Problems like how to make large-impact advertisements for a small sorority on a budget. Problems like how to help a friend get his grades up. Problems like how to make a customer smile when they've been waiting in line for a while due to inefficient systems and a rush. Problems like how to install printer software on a computer, and change the ink, and fix a paper jam. Networking and communication problems. Less than helpful administration problems.

In a few years I plan to continue my education, but right now I'm looking to further my professional experience. If you have problems that need fixed, I'm the right employee for you.

Specialties: Writing, editing, proofreading, tutoring, troubleshooting, customer service, data entry, administrative work, event planning, organization, leadership, integrity.

Work experience

May 2013Aug 2014

Children's Library Intern

Frankfort Community Public Library

During the course of the summer, I am assisted the regular librarians with the children's programs, performed normal library work such as checking out books for patrons and shelving returned books, and aided the branch libraries on their busiest days.

Aug 2011May 2014

Library Assistant

DePauw University Libraries

As a library assistant, it is my responsibility to reinforce book covers, process books using the online catalogue system, and complete any additional jobs given to me by the full-time librarians.

Aug 2010May 2011


DePauw University Information Technology Associates Program

As a first-year apprentice of the Information Technology Associates Program, my duties were to complete four half-semester training internships this year. I interned in the DePauw University recording studio, help desk, web design, and videography internships.


Aug 2010May 2014

DePauw University

I received my Bachelor's degree with a major in English writing and a minor in psychology.


Digital Design
Customer Service
Throughout all my jobs and internships I have learned valuable customer service skills and have been complimented on my calm, upbeat attitude during customer service encounters.
I learned videography in my last training internship with the DePauw Information Technology Associates Program.
I have been taking piano lessons for several years and, although I am not currently enrolled in lessons, I still practice regularly.
I took three years of Spanish in high school and still speak it occasionally with my friends.
Microsoft Office
I have been using Microsoft Office since grade school and I am proficient with Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Excel.
Audio Recording
I spent six weeks in an ITAP rotation learning how to work both the audio recording equipment and ProTools.
I very recently began using Dreamweaver and am becoming comfortable with web design skills.