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The objective of this online resume is to document my various achievements and skill sets that I have acquired throughout my high school and college experiences. These experiences have helped me to grow throughout the past four years in a way such that I am constantly being self-reflective and analyzing our society and my role within it. My most important goal for my future is finding a meaningful path on which I can continue to learn and improve the broken pieces of our society.


Aug 2010Present

Bachelor of Arts

DePauw University

As a senior at DePauw University, I am majoring in Spanish and Conflict Studies with focuses on Culture and Conflict and Social Inequalities. I have taken courses in Political Theory, African Cultures, Spanish American Literature, God at War and Peace, Contemporary Society, Education of Linguistics, Comparative Politics, and Women in Education. These courses, though across the spectrum of courses, all are able to weave together in my studies and form a deep base of knowledge to build upon in the future.

Work experience

May 2011Present

Office for Sustainability Intern

DePauw University

In this internship, I am responsible for keeping the website updated, managing the Office for Sustainability's press releases, maintaining the Office's media (Facebook page, Twitter account, and YouTube Channel), creating and editing informational videos, and attending weekly staff meetings. In the past, I have helped calculate the carbon footprint of the University, apply for grants and awards, and transition the entire website to a new format, which included updating outdated information, delegating tasks to promote efficiency and meet the site launch date, and working with the new program.

Nov 2011Dec 2012

VP of Chapter Relations and Standards

Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Chapter

Serving as the VP of Chapter Relations and Standards for Alpha Chi Omega, I was responsible for holding the women in the chapter accountable for their actions and maintaining the standards of membership. In this role I updated the Bylaws for our chapter, held and directed weekly board meetings, and hosted courses to educate our members on the expectations.

Jun 2008Aug 2011

Course Instructor

Southwest Community Education

For four summers, I worked at an educational day camp as a class instructor for children ages ranging from kindergarten to eighth grade. I taught science classes, computer classes, art classes, Spanish classes, and acting classes. In this role I created weekly curriculums, contacted the parents of children attending my classes, was responsible for up to twenty children and a teacher aide, solved conflicts between students and between staff members, and attended weekly staff meetings.

Aug 2010May 2011

ITAP Apprentice

DePauw University

In this apprenticeship I worked through different rotations of specific skill building. I have learned about and gained experience web authoring with Dreamweaver, digital video editing with Final Cut Pro, GIS with ArcGIS and Google Earth, and basic IT help and the customer service department.

Sep 2009May 2010

Spanish Tutor

I worked locally as an independent Spanish tutor to middle school and high school students. I helped them with homework problems, provided opportunities to improve their reading skills, and practiced phonetics and diction.

Oct 2007Apr 2010


Southwest Community Education

I worked as a front desk clerk for three school years. I worked with Community Education class registrations, phone calls, organization in general throughout the office, and working as a general assistant to my employer.


Microsoft Office
I have been using Microsoft Office Word for over seven years. I have used Microsoft Office PowerPoint for about six years and Microsoft Office Excel for almost five years. They are all self-taught.
Microsoft Digital Image Suite
The Microsoft equivalent of Adobe's Photoshop, Digital Image Suite is a more user friendly that I have owned since 2007. I have used this program for many years and am able to apply my knowledge with this program to many types of projects now.
Final Cut Pro
As a digital video apprentice, I learned to use the program Final Cut Pro. With this program we made a few smaller projects to get acquainted with the program. Then we moved onto the final project which was an interview.
Adobe Photoshop
I took a photography class in 2008 in which we learned to use Adobe Photoshop. I have used it ever since and become quite proficient in it's uses.
Adobe Dreamweaver
After working for six weeks with the program as an Information Technology Associates Program's apprentice I learned to write HTML code and write CSS. I learned a lot in the six weeks and created a final website, complete with design.

Web Authoring Project


May 2012Present

Restorative Justice Facilitator

Dr. Rachel Goldberg and the DePauw University Conflict Studies Dept.