William Rinaldi

William Rinaldi


I am looking for a job in the afternoon because of my current enrollment in school. I am an extremely proficient and hard worker. Also a quick learner, exspecially with hands on learning. It is my belief that starting everyday with a good attitude and professional outllook keeps you motivated and prepared for the tasks at hand. (Never Quit!) a phrase i also live my life by was taught to me four and a half years ago when i joined the Army Reserves.


        In my life i have seen alot and learned even more. As a musician i have learned the importance of patience and delayed gratification. As a extremists i have learned that sometimes its a better pay off to push yourself to your limits to reach the goals you set. Even if it means taking a risk everyonce in a while. As a teenager I learned that not everything that is fun is necessarily good for you, but you do learn from your mistakes. And as a soldier I have learned that the little things in life should not be taken for granted.

        I have worked since i have been a teenager to get the things i want and need. As a child i was told that nothing is free and if you want to make it far in life you have to fight and apply yourself with the maximum effort, giving everday a hundred and ten percent. Everything in my life i have had intrest in i have never gave up on. Even if it seems impossible. Just have faith and determination and the rest will follow.

Work experience

Work experience
Jul 2006 - Present

92Y Supply Specialist

United States Army Reserve
  • Performed and supervised monthly sensitive and cyclic inventorys
  • Property book holder
  • Arms room keyholder
  • Issueing and collecting equipment
  • Preparing statement of charges for lost and/or damaged equipment
  • Maintenance on equipment such as ( weapons, machinery, vehicles, etc.)
May 2010 - Present

Sales Associate

Bed Bath and Beyond

Sales Associate and Stocker

Mar 2008 - Nov 2009


31w Insulation Co. Inc


  • Garage Doors
  • Insulation
  • Bathroom Accesories
  • Door knobs and Deadbolts
  • Mirrors
  • Gas Log Fire Places
  • Wire Shelving


May 2010 - Present

leons beauty school

In Cosmotology I have learned how to maintain my apperance and keep a professional outlook and attitude in a working enviorment. "Great everday with a smile" as my instructors would say. I started into this field of study because of my family. My mother as well as my aunt are Cosmotologists. I see it as a form of art and style.




I started in the agriculture industry in high school. I entered and studied agriculture all four years of high school. Even out of school i practiced this study by volunteer work under an apprenticeship with "Need a Hand" landscaping Co. operated by a personal contractor. My dream was to become an wildlife officer. I also worked for varios other company for light duty landscaping such as edging, mowing, weedeating, maintaing and prunning trees and shrubs.