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Term Paper (Draft 1)

What I Think it Means to be an American (draft 1)

  What does it mean to be an American? To be an American can mean a variety of different things such as freedom, living in a home, having a good job, being happy.I think that freedom means that every American should have the freedom speech, choose their religion, and have the right to express themselves in any way that they want to. You should be able to stand up and talk about any topic you want to, and not be put down for it, but in today’s world if you commit a hate crime, or any crime, you must pay for it.Living in a home is a common factor in being a true American. It shows that you worked for something, and that you probably lead a decent life. It shows you got through high school, got an education, found a job, and succeeded. It shows you worked for yourself and make your own money. Having a good job is important because it allows you to buy the things you want and the things you need like a car, gas, food, cloths, and shelter, ext. Since you got went to college, got an education, which got you a good job, you ended having a good happy life.In conclusion, this shows freedom, work, and education really is what it means to be American, and this is what I will try to apply to my own life.

Evidence (Draft 1)

I wrote this draft at the beginning of the year. It was my original feelings about being an American/modern society.  I wrote about the basics of what being an American means to me. I wrote about living in a home, having a good job, and supporting a family are all signs of an accomplished, educated person. Another one of the main topics in draft 1 was freedom, and why it is important to Americans.