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My greatest love in this life is cooking, creating recipies,making people happy through my art .I set forth to better myself and ferther your buissness intrest .Thay say if you do what you love you never work a day in your life. 

Work experience

Jun 2007Present


williams n sons
Apr 2003Apr 2004

Saute ,grill ,Banquites

Mahagany Grill

I was fortunate enough to work under Rustin Newton long time instructor at the Cullannary institute of America . The knowlege I  gained has sharpend my skills at knife craft , recipe creation ,and the necessary hands on fine dinning expieriance .I have gained a love of art through precise exicution of a well thought out recipe.I can say i've gained a greater appriciation of hard work and it's benifits.

Sep 2000Mar 2003


Hilton resort and marina

I had the ideal job serving a smile and an exotic beverage  to beautifull people in one of the most beautifull islands in the gulf of mexico. I was tought every drink under the sun quite litteraly because our clientel  hailed from around the globe.The need to lern a few terms in other lanuages soon became a prisuit of mine and still is.Unfortunately due to corprate cutbacks i was let go because of my curent rate of pay .




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