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Work experience

Aug 2014Nov 2014


People's Resource Center

Customer greeter, packaging, stocking, and some customer service. 

Aug 2014Oct 2014


College of DuPage Farm

Maintaining and keeping up with gardening work. 

Jan 2014Jun 2014

Team Member


Customer greeter, soup counter tender, cashier, exposition of trays, food preparation, food handler, and dish washer. 


Jul 2014May 2016

Journalism, Advertising and Media Studies (JAMS)

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

The Advertising and Public Relations concentration provides an integrated approach to advertising and public relations

"University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee." UW-Milwaukee: Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies | Homepage. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 July 2014.

Sep 2012May 2014

College of DuPage

Courses include an Introduction to Business, Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to Mass Communications, Writing and Reporting In The Media, and Writing in the Workplace.



Professor Elizabeth Anderson

My College of DuPage Writing In The Workplace professor.

Professor Joe Tungol

My College of DuPage Introduction to Business professor.

Keith Bristow, Independent Employer

He can be contacted through email at [email protected] or via mobile phone at 1-630-849-0638.

News Release

An assigned news release for my Media Writing course at UWM on the guest lecturer, Ross Lowinske.


Memo Writing
Small Group Communication
Online Research
Using online search engines, archives and databases to gather information.

Online Portfolios

My Writing and Reporting In The Media portfolio  and on twitter

An article for my Writing In The Workplace class can be found at this link about why specialized consulting firms are needed. 

My integrated signal boosting on my Tumblr for the web series MisSpelled. 

Last Stop Elevator Pitch

My name is Melissa Sears; I'm an advertising and public relations student at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. I've worked independently as a dog walker, dog care taker and babysitter early on in my career before becoming a team member at a Zoup! Franchise in Illinois. I've maintained good standing relationships with those I did independent work with and am currently working on maintaining a good standing relationship with the owners and managers at Zoup!. Recently, I've been accepted into the Advertising/PR program at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee and have completed two years at the community college College of DuPage. I am currently working on finishing both associates and bachelor’s degrees. I plan on bringing my honest and sincere attitude to the workplace, as I do everywhere else. I work hard on building up my writing and communication skills as well as keeping up with new and various techniques. I look forward to the next steps in my career, wherever they may be and becoming a part of an energetic and hard working team.