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Floorball - Råsunda IS

I am active in the floorball union Råsunda IS. We are playing in the second highest division and floorball has become one of my biggest interests in life. I love physical activity; it makes me feel good and helps me live a healthy life.


I am a reliable and ambitious person. In my profession I think important qualities are to be structured, initiative and independent. My enthusiasm to learn new things makes me a valuable employee.  


My job


Work experience


Meat manager


For the last three years I have been working in a supermarket, more specific with charcuterie. I have developed my social skills but also my knowledge about fresh produces. After two years in different departments I became meat manager with responsibility to order the meat selection. That experience learned me how important it is to satisfy our customer by having the right products available. This have been three instructive and developing years for me but now I am looking for a new challenge where I can use my service mind and my newly gained knowledge. 


References and certificates are available and provided upon request.