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houssam louahdi

Mohammed Baaitich Street ain azel / Setif/algeria


I always believe that mental illness is the most dangerous of physical ailments and that's what prompted me this specialty choice is dangerous in that it may destroy people's lives and makes their lives pass and my goal is to help people and guide them and direct them and contribute to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment to provide mental health community, particularly childhood class by virtue of my dealings with This group here is my desire to get a job as a psychologist to do a social league as well as the sophistication institution and work with the team and work with all my best to the benefit to all in addition to the personal my abilities gained over time in people's understanding and analysis of their personalities help me to work faster in the diagnosis, treatment and appropriate evidence my desire to work hard is that I accept a period of pre-employment test

Work experience


Public Institution for health-neighborly -ain azel
Apr 2015Mar 2015

Field work in the unit detection and follow-up school health to deal with the psychological conditions of childhood and adolescence in the school context, cases of hyperactivity and lack of attention delinquency test anxiety ... etc.


Municipal Library -ain azel
Jan 2012Mar 2013

Remember classification books and entry for the computer. Loan books


Bachelor in Clinical Psychology

university. Mohamed Lemine Dbagain-Setif 2 / website :
Oct 2012Jun 2015

Configuration for 3 years in the first year studied sociology, psychology science pronunciation for economic analysis and information science documents, etc. ..

In the second year the same specialized knowledge studied psychology social psychology physiologist P, growth, etc. ..

In the third year he studied psychology criminality and techniques of clinical psychological examination psychological tests measuring the psychology of child and adolescent personal, etc. .

3 years data processing excel Ward and descriptive statistics


Design and publicity

I know you design programs and visit cards good knowledge of the psychological impact of colors and get a university education in the tracks in the area of publicity and information and communication

Good dealing with customers

Mastering the art of dealing psychological impact on people and customers

Writing and data entry into the computer

All places of education and work inside Algeria Setif University in the state of Setif / Algeria

Drawing cartoons

Caricature drawing and drawing and writing children's stories


شهادة ليسانس في علم النفس العيادي

جامعة محمد لمين دباغين سطيف 2
Oct 2012Jun 2015

علم النفس العيادي الاكلينيكي  والصحة النفسية 

شهادة بكالوريا اداب وفلسفة

الديوان الوطني الامتحانات والمسابقات
Sep 2011Jun 2012

شهادة البكالوريا اختصاص اداب وفلسفة