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With online fraud and identity theft on the rise, people around the world have become very cautious and protective of their personal accounts and online identities. Ozmerix LLC was established in 2011 to provide complete protection and prevention from fraud and identity theft on a 24/7 basis. The customized solutions that have been designed by the company allow it to effectively monitor and guard the intimate details of clients in this technically oriented and online world. By staying on top of technological changes and challenges in the industry, the company's highly trained and experienced professionals remain knowledgeable in the field of information theft and work with the clients to ensure their protection from consumer fraud as well as corporate fraud. Also included in its basket of client services are internet surveillance, assistance in e-fraud recovery, lost wallet protection and complete credit services including credit scoring and credit updates that are released quarterly. Through membership in the Ozmerix  plan, clients have access to all of these services. Michael Ozmer owns the business, which works out of offices in Minnesota. He is also the owner of, which provides its clients with cloud storage and gives them access to sensitive or frequently used material anywhere in the world through a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Fraud Recovery Services

The mainstay of the Ozmerix LLC line of services is its excellent success in handling fraud. Its fraud recovery department monitors and tracks its clients' personal information to keep it safe from abuse and misuse. If a client receives an account statement that shows the account has been compromised and contains fraudulent charges, that client only needs to notify the team of professionals at Ozmerix and they begin the process of recovering the missing money and returning it to the client. The only thing the client needs to provide is proof that the activity did occur. With that information in hand, the team can successfully reverse the criminal activity while retrieving the stolen funds.

Clients Enjoy Additional Protective Benefits

The complete and integrated line of  protection services provided by Ozmerix  to its clients includes the most sophisticated tools of protection against identity theft. The department that handles internet recovery aid is staffed with employees who have been carefully trained in steps to take as an immediate response to personal theft, such as in the loss of a wallet. Wallets tend to carry the most intimate of personal information including credit cards and insurance identification. Anyone protected by Ozmerix can make a quick phone call to the Protection Specialists, who are always on call to give them the particulars of the theft. The specialists will help by cancelling all valid credit cards reorder them and will help handle the insurance. Other services offered by Ozmerix include complete internet surveillance, which means that the dedicated staff will enter and monitor the underground chat rooms and busy forums that are known to be frequented by criminals. If suspicious activity regarding the client's identity or finances appears the worker places a phone call to the client to speak directly regarding the matter or sends an email as an alert. By taking quick action, the client can change passwords and take immediate action to protect information and finances.