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A manufacturer of products for contemporary homes, Ozeri Corporation markets digital housewares distinguished by advanced design, robust construction, and functional durability. Owing its genesis as a supplier to destination club resorts and upscale hotels, Ozeri Corporation is an established brand with its target sophisticated consumer and is presently able to offer its products to consumers without the additional imbedded costs of traditional marketing and advertising. The company's line of premium products are available direct to market via retailers and websites such as,,, and others. Ozeri’s line of elegant “housewares for modernity” includes products such as the Maestro Electric Wine Opener, which incorporates an infrared thermometer intended to indicate ideal serving temperatures. Other products include advanced digital kitchen scales, European designed salad spinners, electric pepper grinders, and sophisticated double-walled glassware. The company's stylish desk and tower fans incorporate cutting-edge noise-reduction technology. To appreciate the quality, value, elegance, and innovation of the current line of Ozeri Corporation products, please visit for more information, or for products for sale.