Microsoft Office Suite

Knowledgeable in Office, Excel and Powerpoint

Adobe Photoshop & Indesign

Extensive use of Photoshop for image manipulation Knowledgeable in using Adobe Indesign for book publishing purposes


Use of program to produce 3D models Production of Photorealistic Models Use for laser cutter and CNC cut file generation


Use of Program to produce 3D models Production of Photorealistic Renders

AutoCad 2004-2011

Superior knowledge of program application for architectural drafting purposes Knowledgeable in use of layers and XREFS Knowledgeable in creating laser cutter and CNC cut files Very fast with program

Work History

Work History
May 2010 - Present

Engineering Assistant

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
  • Assist Cal Poly Project Manager with the tracking and coordination of RFI’s and submittals.
  • Assist with change order’s and insure costs are justified and in-line with work being performed. This Task also involves cost /budget tracking.
  • Coordinate communication among parties involved in the project
  • Manage/coordinate Cal Poly Center for Science LEED application process from the “owner” aspect and fulfilled application requirements. Also assist with LEED applications and certification requirements for other on-campus projects.
  • Responsible for digital production of drawings/incorporation of “redlines” into final drawings for on campus project data base.
  • Trained incoming interns
Jun 2004 - Jun 2009

Office Manager/Senior CAD Technician

Accurate Architecture & Construction
  • Managed and involved in the digital production of complete sets of construction documents
  • Prepared presentation drawings for initial design approval by clients and involved agencies
  • Checked and coordinated the integration of structural, electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems in the construction documents and helped resolve any conflicts as applicable.     
  • Managed and involved in the incorporation of “redlines” into construction documents
  • Involved with and shared responsibilities in all stages of a project from early design meetings to acquiring building permits at agencies  
  • Responsible for project applicable code research (local, state and federal regulations and other relevant code issues i.e. ADA)
  • Developed schematic designs providing alternative solutions for a specified program         
  • Responsible for project coordination with consultants (i.e. structural, mechanical, city officials, plan checker. etc.)
  • Researched materials and equipment based on performance and program requirements               
  • Mentored multiple interns



Undergraduate Thesis

dis_Placement: Table

Equine Team Residence

Artisan Bakery

Student Housing

D.C.Community Center

W.A.A.C. Bench


  • Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Facilities Planning Department, Project Engineering Assistant for the Cal Poly Center for Science Project (ZGF Architects)
  • Internship & job with Accurate Architecture and Construction
  • 7+ years work experience in Custom Residential & Light Commercial projects (some institutional experience)
  • Seeking LEED associate certification and Design Build associate certification
  • Highly skilled in AutoCAD and Sketch Up
  • Proficient in Revit, Rhino, MS Office Suite, Photoshop, Indesign
  • Bilingual: English & Spanish (learning Turkish)


  • Obtain a position as an Architctural Designer or Engineering Assistant for a firm with a diverse portfolio which strives to create innovative design solutions and who also takes pride and exhibits superior expertise in sustainable design practices.   


  • Look forward to becoming a member of a firm with a diverse project portfolio, which would allow me to gain extensive knowledge of various building types in an effort to become the most complete designer that I can.
  • I’m highly interested in how new technologies/materials, means and methods can not only improve the performance of a project, but how this can serve to enhance a projects aesthetics and reinforce the projects initial concept and intent as expressed by the client and accomplished by the designer.
  • Very attracted to sustainable design and the power that as designers we posses to have a positive effect on the environment by the design solutions that we generate in collaboration with the project team and clients.
  • There is a great desire to participate on projects that encompass design at various scales from the design of site furniture to the layout of a master plan and how both elements are crucial components that influence the overall success of a design solution.


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Aug 2011 - Present

Associate AIA

The American Institue of Architects



Richard Beller

Chuck Crotser

John Mack

Barbara Queen

Joel Neel

Bob Kitamura