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I am passionate about learning languages as well as teaching them. I grew up not only learning them but studying them structurally. Language studies have shaped my life and the education I have gone through until now has always been based on it. I have greater interest in programming than the semantics based languages. My coding journey began long time ago with an Amiga computer on which I was playing games most of the time. However the interest to further understand the dynamics of how actually things work on the machine made me deep diver into coding since an early age. I am currently writing a desktop app for language analysis in English on ElectronJS.


Jun 2014Current

English/Spanish Translations 

I am an avid contributor of translations to open source projects.

Contributed to Telescope App on LingoHub English/Turkish/German.

Sep 2010jun 2014

English Tutor

During my studies I taught English so as to use my knowledge on the subject and to support myself.

Throughout the university years of my life I did document translation for individuals.


Teach x Mundus

This was a project based on language teaching which helped teachers to find students. This project was discontinued after the development process. It was build on Meteor using Blaze. 



This is an ongoing personal project on which I have been able to use the skills I have achieved so far. It is designed to be a platform that enables users to rent their flat without price restrictions. It runs on NodeJS and uses ExpressJS. As for the database MongoDB was chosen. The remotes servers were set up personally to improve my knowledge on linux as well. 



This is a project I have started with the idea of replacing the current program we were using with a free alternative so that students can have easier access to such programs. It was build on top of Electron using React for rendering the views. The project itself heavily depends on NodeJS. It has not been published yet but can be accessed on demand.



The Complete Node.js Developer Course

This course helped me to have foundations on Node.JS for building full stack web apps.


The Web Developer Bootcamp

This course has given me foundations of how to form a full stack app. 


The Complete Developers Guide to MongoDB

This helped me to solidify the base knowledge I had on MongoDB and NoSQL databases in general.


ES6 Javascript: The Complete Developer's Guide

Thanks to those screencasts I could improve my use of ES6 syntax.


The Complete React Native and Redux Course

This helped me to get introduced into the world of React Native and mobile apps. 


Modern React with Redux

This has given me a solid understanding on ReactJS though I have had problems grasping the methods of Redux. 


Electron for Desktop Apps: The Complete Developer's Guide

Though I had some basic information about Electron Apps I wanted to improve my understanding of combining the framework with other client side frameworks such as ReactJS.


  • Fluent: English,Turkish,Spanish
  • Professional: German, Japanese
  • Bootstrap
  • Semantic UI
  • CSS
  • SCSS
Computing Skills
  • Javascript        
    • ES6
  • JQuery
  • HTML
  • AngularJS
  • ReactJS  
  • ReactNative
  • Python
    • NLP
  • NodeJS
  • Meteor
  • AWS
    • S3
    • SES
    • EC2
    • Route 53
  • Git
  • Regex


Universidad de Complutense 
Sep 2015Present

Master in Applied Linguistics 

Focusing on Corpus studies and Computational Linguistics

University of Hacettepe
Sep 2010Jun 2014

English Language and Literature

My subjects during the bachelor I did were focusing on literature and discourse analysis

Nuri Cingillioglu Highschool
Sep 2007Jun 2010

Language Department

After choosing the language department I studied English grammar for three consecutive years.