Hans De Bue

ICT Business Advisor - ICT Strategy Manager


Entrepreneurial-spirited, pioneering technologist with 20+ years of management-level experience identifying, qualifying, building consensus for, and implementing enabling technologies and enterprise systems that facilitate business processes and strategic objectives.

Blending technology vision and business acumen resulting in consistent development of business ICT strategies supported by cost-effective, high-performance IT infrastructures and applications.

Broad expertise in IT, network, and telecommunications architecture/infrastructure design, full project life cycle management, client/vendor relationship management, and financial/operational management. Ably manage M&A, reorganization, and process improvement initiatives.

professional strengths

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2000 - Present

Business Advisor

KPMG Nederland
  • IT Budgeting.
  • IT Cost Optimalization.
  • Managing IT risks during cost-cutting periods.
  • Developing and co-executing corporate IT Strategy.
  • Co-creating and managing the CIO agenda.
  • Managing quality of high impact and high risk programs.
  • Incubate innovative propositions.
  • Collaborate with business on long-term vision and short-term projects.
  • Aligning developments at EMEA and global level.
Oct 2000 - Aug 2001

IT Manager

Smartshipsupplies Ltd
Jan 1993 - Jan 2000

IT Manager

KPMG Nederland
  • Setup and manage the IT infrastructure and its supporting staff.
  • Develop and realize innovative IT capabilities.
May 1990 - Dec 1993

Network Manager

KPMG Gebouw BV
Jan 1993 - Present


  • Manage the development of consumer grade training software and sailing preparation software in the leisure sailing industry.
  • Manage the product and services.
Apr 2011 - Present


Bed & Breakfast Ter Borg

For our guests a great place to enjoy the green and quiet outback of the Netherlands. For us a great place to meet new people from all walks of life!



Master of Business Telecommunications

TopTech/TU Delft

NLP Practitioner

Instelling voor Eclectische Psychologie (IEP)

HBO Informatica, AMBI systeemontwikkeling

1977 - 1981

RO, HBO Radio Officer

Hogere Zeevaartschool / Radio Holland