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Invited Talks and Presentations

Topic: Integrated Studies 

  • Rutgers University Institute for Improving Student Achievement,– January 2010
  • Wilmington University – Graduate School of Education – March 2010
  • BLC10 – Building Learning Communities Conference by November Learning, practitioner session: The Modern, One Room Schoolhouse - July 2010
  • Tech & Learning Magazine , Tech Forum NY – October 2010
  • Delaware Policy and Practice Institute - Delaware State University - June 2011

Topic: Rethinking Curriculum and Scheduling

  • Edscape - New Milford, NJ - October 2011

Topic: Social Media for Educators 

  • NJEA Convention - November 2011

Topic: Integrating Google Apps into the Classroom

  • NJEA Technology Integration Conference at Richard Stockton College - May 2010
  • NJEA Technology Integration Conference at Richard Stockton College – August 2011

Topic: Prezi in the Classroom 

  • NJEA Convention, - November 2011
  • WE-Tech – West Essex Technology Conference – March 2012

Topic: Using Google Reader to Build a Personal Learning Network

  • NJEA Convention – November 2010

Topic: Evernote for Collaborative, Cross-Curricular Planning 

  • NJEA Convention, - November 2010
  • NJEA Convention, - November 2011

Topic: Standards Based Grading

  •  Educon 2.3 - January 2011

Topic: Networked Professional Learning Communities

  • From My Classroom to Yours, Richard Stockton College – March 2011 and March 2012
  • ISTE 2011 - Philadelphia, PA - June 2011
  • New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association - October 2011

Topic: Moodle to Meet the Needs of All Learners

  • WE-Tech – West Essex Technology Conference – March 2012


Believing that learners are the top priority, does all that is necessary to help them succeed. Highly motivated developer and planner of school-wide programs to assist students and teachers foster a culture of innovation and life-long learning. Effective communicator with strong planning and organizational skills. Leverages technology to create engaging yet pedagogically sound classroom experiences, build a variety of communities for learners, and improve personal learning. Professional development leader, presents at numerous international and regional conferences, and co-founder of a participant driven, highly successful, annual professional development event.

Career Highlights


Creator - Integrated Studies Program 2010

  • Develop a project based learning program integrating all New Jersey Core Curricular Content Standards both horizontally and vertically
  • Facilitate student learning through asynchronous delivery of content in hybrid of computer based and face to face learning
  • Apply concepts of Universal Design to develop a program that individualizes the learning for all students

Creator - Integrated Studies Program 2012

  • Cross curricular, co-teaching integrating math with science and language arts with history
  • Innovative scheduling practices to allow for flexible learning time, re-rostering student cohorts around learning needs, and self-paced learning.
  • Leverage blended learning techniques to create an adaptive learning environment

The SciDo Collaborative

  • Creator of an international collaboration of science educators -
  • Nominated for a 2010 edublog award - best educational wiki category

Work experience

Sep 2000Present

Teacher of Science

Camden County Technical School

  • Facilitate student learning of science, development of problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Assist students in daily and ongoing challenges
  • Design engaging lessons using the UbD methodology
  • Develop rigorous and relevant curriculum
  • Use data to improve teaching and learning
  • Manage a classroom
  • District wide technology trainer
  • District data team member
  • School leadership committee member
Sep 2011Present

Consultant - Professional Development and Instructional Issues


Provide professional development on a variety of topics to teachers across the state of New Jersey.

Oct 2011Present

Board Member

Edcamp Foundation

Founding member, organizing participant driven professional development for educators

May 1998Dec 2000

Research Technician

Thomas Jefferson University

  • Perform Experiments
  • Present Research
  • Participate in Journal Club
  • Manage Lab Inventory


Camtasia Studio
I use Camtasia to create effective video tutorials for learners
I use SnagIt to create visually engaging presentations and materials for web sites.
Microsoft Office
I have extensive knowledge in the use of Microsoft Office tools. I am adept at programming spreadsheets, creating animations in powerpoint, and creating visually engaging documents. I also train others to do so.
Project Foundry
I have used project foundry as a tool manage student projects in a Project Based Learning environment
Web 2.0 tools
I excel at employing a variety of web 2.0 tools to improve my professional practice in a variety of ways. I have also presented the use of a variety of these tools at a number of conferences. I am especially proficient at using (but not limited to):     wikispaces wordpress blogger google sites google reader evernote prezi variety of communication tools (including mobile apps) variety of data / file management tools  
I led the creation of a hybrid online and face to face learning program at my district with Moodle as the back bone. I am proficient at creating lessons and assessments, building community, and managing a classroom in this online environment.
Google Apps
I am an extensive Google Apps user and train my faculty how to use this suite of tools both in the classroom and to improve professional practice. I have used Google Apps to build an intranet for my local professional association and serve as the domain manager. I also provide professional development in the use of Google Apps through the NJEA tech cadre and have presented its use in the classroom at multiple conferences.
Curriculum Development - UbD Format
I have revised a number of curricula at my current district using the Understanding by Design methodology and have received approximately 100 hours of professional development in this area.


Jul 2008May 2010


Wilmington University


Principal - Certificate of Eligibility

New Jersey Department of Education

Supervisor - Standard Certificate

New Jersey Department of Education
Sep 2000Present

Teacher of Biological Sciences - Standard Certification

New Jersey Department of Education