Michael Ritzius

Michael Ritzius

Invited Talks and Presentations

Topic: Integrated Studies 

  • Rutgers University Institute for Improving Student Achievement,– January 2010
  • Wilmington University – Graduate School of Education – March 2010
  • BLC10 – Building Learning Communities Conference by November Learning, practitioner session: The Modern, One Room Schoolhouse - July 2010
  • Tech & Learning Magazine , Tech Forum NY – October 2010
  • Delaware Policy and Practice Institute - Delaware State University - June 2011

Topic: Rethinking Curriculum and Scheduling

  • Edscape - New Milford, NJ - October 2011

Topic: Social Media for Educators 

  • NJEA Convention - November 2011

Topic: Integrating Google Apps into the Classroom

  • NJEA Technology Integration Conference at Richard Stockton College - May 2010
  • NJEA Technology Integration Conference at Richard Stockton College – August 2011

Topic: Prezi in the Classroom 

  • NJEA Convention, - November 2011
  • WE-Tech – West Essex Technology Conference – March 2012

Topic: Using Google Reader to Build a Personal Learning Network

  • NJEA Convention – November 2010

Topic: Evernote for Collaborative, Cross-Curricular Planning 

  • NJEA Convention, - November 2010
  • NJEA Convention, - November 2011

Topic: Standards Based Grading

  •  Educon 2.3 - January 2011

Topic: Networked Professional Learning Communities

  • From My Classroom to Yours, Richard Stockton College – March 2011 and March 2012
  • ISTE 2011 - Philadelphia, PA - June 2011
  • New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association - October 2011

Topic: Moodle to Meet the Needs of All Learners

  • WE-Tech – West Essex Technology Conference – March 2012


Believing that learners are the top priority, does all that is necessary to help them succeed. Highly motivated developer and planner of school-wide programs to assist students and teachers foster a culture of innovation and life-long learning. Effective communicator with strong planning and organizational skills. Leverages technology to create engaging yet pedagogically sound classroom experiences, build a variety of communities for learners, and improve personal learning. Professional development leader, presents at numerous international and regional conferences, and co-founder of a participant driven, highly successful, annual professional development event.

Career Highlights


Creator - Integrated Studies Program 2010

  • Develop a project based learning program integrating all New Jersey Core Curricular Content Standards both horizontally and vertically
  • Facilitate student learning through asynchronous delivery of content in hybrid of computer based and face to face learning
  • Apply concepts of Universal Design to develop a program that individualizes the learning for all students

Creator - Integrated Studies Program 2012

  • Cross curricular, co-teaching integrating math with science and language arts with history
  • Innovative scheduling practices to allow for flexible learning time, re-rostering student cohorts around learning needs, and self-paced learning.
  • Leverage blended learning techniques to create an adaptive learning environment

The SciDo Collaborative

  • Creator of an international collaboration of science educators - SciDo.wikispaces.com
  • Nominated for a 2010 edublog award - best educational wiki category

Work experience

Work experience
Sep 2000 - Present

Teacher of Science

Camden County Technical School

  • Facilitate student learning of science, development of problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Assist students in daily and ongoing challenges
  • Design engaging lessons using the UbD methodology
  • Develop rigorous and relevant curriculum
  • Use data to improve teaching and learning
  • Manage a classroom
  • District wide technology trainer
  • District data team member
  • School leadership committee member
Sep 2011 - Present

Consultant - Professional Development and Instructional Issues


Provide professional development on a variety of topics to teachers across the state of New Jersey.

Oct 2011 - Present

Board Member

Edcamp Foundation

Founding member, organizing participant driven professional development for educators

May 1998 - Dec 2000

Research Technician

Thomas Jefferson University

  • Perform Experiments
  • Present Research
  • Participate in Journal Club
  • Manage Lab Inventory



Camtasia Studio

I use Camtasia to create effective video tutorials for learners


I use SnagIt to create visually engaging presentations and materials for web sites.

Microsoft Office

I have extensive knowledge in the use of Microsoft Office tools. I am adept at programming spreadsheets, creating animations in powerpoint, and creating visually engaging documents. I also train others to do so.

Project Foundry

I have used project foundry as a tool manage student projects in a Project Based Learning environment

Web 2.0 tools

I excel at employing a variety of web 2.0 tools to improve my professional practice in a variety of ways. I have also presented the use of a variety of these tools at a number of conferences. I am especially proficient at using (but not limited to):     wikispaces wordpress blogger google sites google reader evernote prezi variety of communication tools (including mobile apps) variety of data / file management tools  


I led the creation of a hybrid online and face to face learning program at my district with Moodle as the back bone. I am proficient at creating lessons and assessments, building community, and managing a classroom in this online environment.

Google Apps

I am an extensive Google Apps user and train my faculty how to use this suite of tools both in the classroom and to improve professional practice. I have used Google Apps to build an intranet for my local professional association and serve as the domain manager. I also provide professional development in the use of Google Apps through the NJEA tech cadre and have presented its use in the classroom at multiple conferences.

Curriculum Development - UbD Format

I have revised a number of curricula at my current district using the Understanding by Design methodology and have received approximately 100 hours of professional development in this area.


Jul 2008 - May 2010


Wilmington University



Principal - Certificate of Eligibility

New Jersey Department of Education

Supervisor - Standard Certificate

New Jersey Department of Education
Sep 2000 - Present

Teacher of Biological Sciences - Standard Certification

New Jersey Department of Education