Teaching and examining

His  activities include modules and seminars for undergraduate and postgraduate students, examinations and continuing professional development courses.

2008-09 and 2009-10,    Faculty of Architecture – University of Genoa:

  • Fixed-term lecturer in Building Technology  (two 1-year appointments).

Taught module:  Safety in Buildings (4th year, Master of Architecture)Responsabilities: designing course outline,  planning and leading lessons, preparing lecture notes,  writing end-of-term course reports, examining.

  • Member of the teaching board of the Master of Architecture.
  • Member of the examination committee for the Architectural Detailing module (Master of Architecture) chaired by Prof. Giorgio Mor.
  • (April 2009) He created and developed teaching support materials for professional courses for qualified architects on the integration of architectural design and building services engineering.
  • (October 2009)  He held a cycle of seminars on structural wood.

2007-08,  Faculty of Architecture – University of Genoa:

  • Teaching assistant for the Architectural Detailing module (4th year, Master of Architecture) held by Prof. Giorgio Mor.
  • (May-June 2008) He held a cycle of seminars entitled “Restoration of ancient wooden structures: deterioration  analysis and design methods”

Further information

  • Relational skills. He enjoys socializing and works well in a team. He has good problem-solving and organisational skills and works with precision and initiative.
  • Interests and hobbies. Fausto loves reading and going to the theatre, and has a predilection for English authors: from S.T. Coleridge to S. Beckett, from A. Radcliffe to H. Pinter. His biggest passion is travelling to places of natural, historical and architectural importance.
  • Driving licence, category B (car). 
  • He is willing to travel for work.

Professional affiliations

Member of SIAT, The Turin Engineers and Architects’ Society.


Italian Native speaker.EnglishHe obtained IELTS (academic version) with an overall score of 8.0 (“very good user” level) on 18.12.2010. SpanishReading skills: good. Writing & conversation skills: basic.

Computing skills

  • CAD programmes                                      Autocad  (Autodesk)
  • Structural engineering programmes    Ansys Multiphysics  (Ansys Inc.) 
  • Image editing programmes                    Photoshop  (Adobe)
  • Spreadsheet programmes                    Excel  (Microsoft),  Works (Microsoft)
  • Database programmes                            Filemaker Pro  (Filemaker Inc.)
  • Word processing programmes            Word (Microsoft),  Acrobat (Adobe)

Professional qualifications

Having passed the Italian professional architects’ examination, he is a fully qualified architect (corresponds to RIBA Part 3).

Research interests

He has conducted research on several subjects in the fields of Structural Engineering and, predominantly, Building Technology:

  • interdisciplinary design. He is currently investigating the integrated holistic approach to design;
  • architectural detailing. He is interested in the interrelationship between conceptual design of the whole building, materials selection and specification, detailing and constructability within the constraints imposed by context, functionality and legislative requirements;
  • structural wood and wood-based materials. Durability, long-term behaviour, rheological properties, reinforcement;
  • historic buildings. Pre-industrial construction techniques, building pathology, defects, repair and rehabilitation;
  • inclusive design. Issues related to disability and access in indoor and outdoor spaces;
  • public works and building process. He  deals with the changes introduced into the sector by the most recent significant European directives, the variety of contracts, contract award procedures and criteria, design contests;
  • safety in the built environment. The design of healthy spaces.


  • Sanna, F. (2010), “I sistemi di realizzazione dei lavori pubblici”  (The execution of public works). In Mor, G., La Nuova Progettazione Esecutiva. Torino: UTET Scienze Tecniche. ISBN: 978-88-5980599-1
  • Sanna, F. (2007), Il recupero delle strutture lignee: proposta di un metodo di analisi tecnologica e di calcolo strutturale (Restoration of wooden structures: proposal of a method of  technological analysis and structural design), Master Degree's Thesis, Faculty of Architecture, University of Genoa.

Work experience

Work experience
2005 - Present

Freelance English-Italian translator

Translations in the fields of architecture, art collecting and cultural event organisation.

2008 - Present


Fausto is working in collaboration with  architectural and engineering practices based in Genoa, drawing up graphic documents and technical reports and carrying out surveys for the design of private and public buildings.