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Work experience

Sep 2005Present

Market and Survey Reseacher

Global Link

At Global Link I mostly worked as mystery shopper at numerous Greek and multinational corporations. Some examples are Geniki Bank, Germanos telecommunications and Vodafone shops. Also I worked many door to door research Computer Aided Personal Interviews projects and in-business research projects such as the annual Carrefour project.

Nov 2006Present

Market and Survey Reseacher

Effective market research

Effective Research is an office in Thessaloniki that undetakes various market research projects from the largest market research companies in Greece, such as GFK Hellas, Abacus Research, Hellenic Research House and Opinion Research. There I undertake various research projects of all kinds commiting to complete them by the deadline. 

May 2008Nov 2008

Consulting Engineers

ADT Omega

At Adt Omega I had the chance to work for a six month project by the Greek Ministry of Tourism for the electronic registration of all tourists' lodges in Central Macedonia. My duties were data entry, the control of the surveyors work and back office support.

Feb 2002May 2008

Market and Survey Reseacher

Gfk Hellas

Working at GFK Hellas Ltd. I mostly had to deal with a number of research projects concerning consumer products, mostly door to door, businesses and hall tests. I worked for some large projects such as "the phillip morris cigarettes" research project and the "IKEA" project. 

Jul 2006May 2008

Market and Survey Reseacher

MRB Hellas

At MRB Hellas I mostly worked on market research and media research projects. Most known are the Target Group Index (TGI) and Research Institute of Socio-cultural Change research (RISC). Most of the research projects I worked on were Computer Aided Personal Interviews (CAPI). Also I worked on an annual large scale Greek political barometer called "Taseis" and on exit poll project on national and municipal election. Finally I worked on several mystery shopping projects such as Citibank, EFG Eurobank and Starbucks.

Dec 2005Mar 2008

Market and Survey Reseacher

Metron Analysis

As a market and survey researcher at Metron Analysis I mostly had to deal with public opinion polls and market research to doctors concerning various pharmaceutical products and services. Also I participated to research projects by some local institutions and organizations such as the chamber of Commerce. Also I worked for an annual Greek political barometer project called "Forum", national election exit polls and many market research projects. 

Feb 2002Dec 2005

Market and Survey Reseacher


As a market and survey researcher at TNS ICAP I participated to a large number of door to door public opinion polls and market research as well as market research to businesses. Also I had the chance to participate to surveys conducted by large institutions such as the European Central Bank and the Bank of Greece for the measurement of the travel balance of payments survey and the Eurobarometer survey. However I also worked in numerous other research projects such as the omnibus survey, the product of the year survey and the phillip morris survey.  

Apart from my participation to the research projects I also had administrative tasks as an assistant of the supervisor for several hours per week.

Aug 2004Feb 2005

Account management, business to business sales

Office One Hellas

Office One Hellas is a shop selling office supplies and consumables. I worked there for about six months when the company first started business in Greece. I was hired to establish the b2b sales department with three other people proposed to the owner by our supervisor at the Hellenic Telecommunications Company as we were the top sellers there. my duties included account management and business to business sales over the phone.

Apr 2004Dec 2004

Telephone sales agent

Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation

My work at Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation included sales of telecommunications packages and customer service. Also some weekends I worked at the information directory service. 



Exceptional listener and communicator who effectively conveys information verbally and in writing
Financial applications with spreadsheet
I have created many company financial valuation models with spreadsheet applications (mostly Microsoft's Excel). Some of the companies are Vodafone and the Greek Vivartia 


Dimitrios Maditinos

Mr Maditinos was my professor at the MSc in Finance & Financial Information Systems by the university of Greenwich.