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Aug 2007Aug 2011

Bachelors Degree

Longwood University


Worked with Indesign software creating the Frontpageof Newspapers, designing and executing the plan.
Worked with Garageband software creating podcasts. Wote, edited and produced eery podcast I ever did.
Worked extensively with the Longwood University Rotunda Newspaper. I performe interviews, and edited my own works. I a currently a reporter for the Rotunda Newspaper.  
Final Cut Express Video Editing
Worked wit Final Cut Express in detail for many class projects where I edited my video news packages.
Camera Work
I have worked with numerous cameras for class projects filming, editing, and capturing video off the cameras. I continue to do to this day as my skill continues to get better and better.  


Jeff Halliday

Professor Jeff Halliday showed me everything that I know and he did a great job enstilling confidence in me that I can be successful in the communication field.

He was very hard on me and did a great job preparing me for what is to come in the real world.




My name is Jeffrey G. Ryan and I am aundergraduate student at Longwood University. I love film and television work from editing, to production, and post production. I wish to fine a job where I can showcase my skills of video editing and production. I feel that I can do any video editing job out there. I also am an avid writer and I write for my school's Newspaper called the "Rotunda".


  • Great knowledge of how to work cameras to record and capture video
  • Knowledg of how use the software "Indesign", "Photoshop", "Final Cut Express" and "Garageband"
  • Knowledge of Newsroom protocol and language
  • I know how to write for a Newspaper
  • I have a blog about Hip-Hop music
  • I have knowledge about Podcasting
  • I have the ability to make crucial deadlines 


  • Worked as a reporter for the Longwood University Rotunda Newspaper
  • Worked with the Longwood University Rotunda Show doing anchor and sand ups in fornt of the camera


My objective with makin this profile is so that I can find a job in either reporting or video editing and possibly working in Film.