After completing my university education in Law, i practiced law for hardly two years and latter started my own services firm, One World Studies (Pakistan) Reg. Here, i provided services of legal and business nature mostly in the following fields: Business Establishment and Development International Trade Family and Business Law Advisory Services Immigration I have travelled mostly in far eastern countries and worked in South Korea as Business and Legal Advisor. But i have worked with companies, firms and clients from South Korea, Brunie, UK, Canada, USA, UAE, Switzerland and definitely Pakistan.

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 1998 - Present


PLI Consultants
The first services firm which was made in 1998. The firm still provides services in Immigration, Visa Advisory Services, Study Abroad, Events and Exhibitions and similar other related issues. Later in 2004, the One World Studies was formed but still this firm provides services in the said categories.
Mar 1998 - Present

Advocate, Consultants & Advisor

One World Studies
My current focus is on Immigration, Study Abroad, Visa Advisory Services, Business Development in Foreign Countries and similar across the border type services and trying to bridge the societies through my services. As an Advocate, Consultant and Advisor, i am responsible for advising clients on Business development and legal issues. Mostly Internet based and International businesses are my subjects. Advisory services for International Trade, Investment, Foreign Direct Investment, Immigration (Business, Investment and Skilled Based), and related legal matters, documentation, some times preparing research reports and other reports of investigative and advisory nature.
Nov 2005 - Oct 2006

Marketing Manager

JS Global, Seoul, Korea.
I was appointed Marketing Manager of JS Global Corporation, Seoul, Korea. It is a trading organization having its offices in Malaysia, Nigeria with head office in Seoul, Korea. I was responsible for developing new businesses worldwide especially around Asia.
Dec 2004 - Sep 2005

Business and Marketing Manager

I was responsible for developing new businesses for Ulancerbiz, Seoul, Korea. The main duty was to promote various South Korea products to different countries of the world through reliable partners.
Jan 1996 - Sep 1998


Shah and Mian Law Chambers
I was responsible for all usual court routines, preparing and drafting plaints, applications, and other legal draftings, preparing business and other legal documents. I practiced Civil, Family and Business Law.


1990 - 1997

Short Courses

National College of Information Technology (NCCS)
I also worked as information officer in 1990
1991 - 1993


University of the Punjab, Lahore
1984 - 1989


Government College University, Faisalabad
1979 - 1984


Sabria Sirajia High School, Faisalabad