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Effective manager of complex software development projects in both commercial and Federal government Department of Defense environments. Adept at leading change and improving processes across all aspects of development, with a strong record of successful delivery of projects in Client-Server, C3I, Embedded, and Information Systems development markets. Key strengths in the following areas:


  • Technically Grounded: Experienced in all aspects of the software development lifecycle
    • Delivered enterprise process improvements resulting in a 20% performance improvement
  • Leading Change: Skilled at leading teams in transition, implementing continuous process improvement, driving innovation (resulting in 2 patents), and improving customer satisfactio
    • Implemented regression automation for 100% test coverage of more than 100 products
  • Coaching and Mentoring: Effective at guiding individuals through career development in new skills, technologies, and mindset change in order to achieve both organizational and individual goal
    • Implemented Software Development improvements decreasing defects by 20%
  •  Adaptive Leadership: Proven ability to manage teams across diverse sets of commercial and military technologies and domains from embedded tactical communications to information systems
    • Implemented agile processes to reduce cycle times between deliveries from months to weeks


Mechanical Shock Machine, B&W Engineering

A small bench-top device with a built-in pneumatic isolator. The device to be tested is placed on a test platen and a projectile is accelerated toward the bottom of the test platen striking it in a free or ballistic state. The system is designed to absorb the energy of the projectile without a major displacement of the test platen and minimizes second strike and ringing effects making it unique to the industry. United States Patent 4,433,570

Financial Application Data Collection Enhancement, Intuit

Add-on to software application to identify electronic receipt data. Identifying electronic receipt data with a plug-in to a software application. Consumer purchases from merchants may be confirmed with an electronic receipt or message, which may be displayed by or transmitted to a consumer computer on which a software application such as a web browser and/or e-mail client application executes. United States patent, 8,392,288


- Project management

- Requirements management

- Continuous process improvement

- Customer satisfaction

- Software engineering

- System engineering

- Software test

Work experience

Apr 2012May 2014

Senior Quality Assurance Manager


Group manager of the Software Test/Quality Assurance, Release Management, and Technical Publications teams in the development of highly customized multiple SaaS products in a fast paced environment, delivering high quality releases on a weekly basis with hands on development and leadership of selected projects.

  • More than doubled product coverage (test, build, & release) with no increase in staff
  • Implemented Software Development improvements resulting in a 20% reduction in rework
  • Established accountability through root cause postmortem reviews of bugs introduced into production
  • Conceptualized and developed automation to customize online help and product documentation nomenclature for targeted customers with projected cost savings in the first year of more than $100k
  • Increased productivity 35% through improved collaboration across all phases of development
  • Leveraged off shore team to implement test automation
  • Increased test team job satisfaction by moving quality improvements upstream, partnering with developers to reduce rework, turn-around time, and time-to-market
  • Managed troubled project (languishing for more than 3 years) through first successful deployment
Jan 2007Nov 2010

Senior Software Development Manager


Project management of multidiscipline local and remote teams developing in an agile environment to create Electronic Filing (EF) converters per Federal and state agency specifications, transforming tax information collected from TurboTax customers into electronic formats for transmission.

  • Managed five teams of thirty tax analysts, programmers, engineers, testers, and customer support personnel in the full life cycle development of the EF converters
  • Lead quality and process improvement activities resulting in a 10% reduction in production bugs and rework
  • Completed annual on time releases of more than 100 products in over 150 releases supporting more than 50 million customers
  • In addition to delivering legacy EF converters, successfully deployed Intuit's next generation EF converters using XML technology for more than 80 existing products without increased staff or additional budget
  • Invented product enhancement resulting in a patent application filing (2010, pending)
  • Improved organizational confidence by implementing best practices and regression automation to verify stability and provide 100% test coverage of all EF converters
  • Conceived of and developed enterprise software to automate testing, improving performance, and adopted by other business units developing new products

Software/Test Manager, System Engineer

Northrop Grumman

Development, integration, and test of embedded multilink communication systems for air, land, and sea based weapons and C4I systems.

  • Led the development, integration, and testing of embedded tactical datalink communication systems supporting both weapon and controller airborne systems
  • Improved customer relations through improved requirements management processes
  • Consistently met or exceeded project goals, completing 90% of deliveries on time and within budget
  • Implemented agile processes to improve cycle times between deliveries from months to weeks
  • Implemented configuration management controls to improve repeatability and customer confidence
  • Performed system engineering to define the link 16 hardware interface and space requirements for a prototype aircraft configuration (power, cooling, antenna location, etc.) and procured the ground and airborne communications hardware

Sr. Systems Engineer, Chief Programmer


Development, integration, and test of the Comprehensive Engine Trending and Diagnostic System (CETADS) used in the maintenance of turbine engines installed in US Air Force aircraft and other ancillary products used for program support.

  • Managed four teams of twenty programmers and engineers
  • Performed technical analysis of new requirements, planning, schedule development, cost tracking, and supervision in the development and maintenance of information systems interfacing with multiple aircraft data collection and extraction devices
  • Led teams through multiple product iterations from DOS to the World Wide Web
  • Employed Software Product Line approach for managing core capabilities and developed normalized database schema used to support multiple engine systems
  • Software development and maintenance work done in C/C++, PowerBuilder, Oracle, Sybase, XML, and HTML
  • Designed, built and maintained enterprise software systems used in the development process and supporting internal process improvement such as the task/time tracking system, data entry end-to-end test tool, problem and change reporting system, and test error notice system
  • Developed computer based training (CBT) systems for multiple aircraft used by Air Force engine maintenance personnel


Bachelor of Science

National University