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Work experience


Salvador Diaz Roa School

It is a public institution.

Jan 2010Present


Instituto Politecnico Sonsonate

It is an instituttion in which  discipline is the most important area inside it. 


Jan 2005Present


Technologic University of El Salvador

I am an undergraduated student. I am still in the graduation process until May of 2011. I am expecting to graduate on September of the same year

Jan 2003Dec 2004

Technical Programmer

Instittuto Politecnico Sonsonate


Test Management at all English levels
The use of Technology in EFL classrooms
Microsoft Package


Lic Oscar Sanchez

Mister Sanchez is a person in which you can get any information about my visual cv elements. You can be in contact with him by e-mail: [email protected] or by cellphone: 7427-5614.

He is an English professor too, he is proficient enough to be my personal reference.

Martin Aparicio

Mister Aparicio is a nice professor, he is my teacher in the graduation process in the use of technology in EFL classrooms and any other courses. He has a high proficiency in the sujects that he is teaching us.

You can contact with him just for any doubt you may have regarding my cv.

Technologic University


Leadership and well-oriented in to the teaching field, self-directed, creative and dinymic. With abiliy to communicate easily. High knowledge about the different techniques in  how to teach english in different levels of the language. Skillful (writing, speaking,and reading skills) in the areas of the language

I would like to get any job regarding teaching. I like to encourage students to learn through my teaching techniques and methodologies in the teaching field.


Being a professor it is not easy, not at all. It is a hard work but nice. One of my  interests is to work or to teach students with lesson plans based on competencies because this is the way in how everything is working nowdays. The other one is to change the mind of the students in realtion of the teaching learning  process by implementing new methodologies and techniques in which they can feel comfortable through the teaching.

So, these are my interests as an english professor.