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Leadership characterized by

  • Passion and commitment for Mecca Glen School
  • Understanding of the school and community culture
  • Strong relationships fostered with students, staff and parents
  • Vision of commitment for high standards and success for all students 
  • Creating safe, orderly, and responsive learning environments
  • Empowering colleagues to grow and share in responsibilities
  • Focusing to improve instruction, teaching practice, and student learning 
  • Continual personal growth and development
  • Integrity, initiative, listening, self-discipline, servanthood, ongoing learning & vision   

School Work History

Aug 2008Present

Teacher, Technology Coach, Instructional Coach

Mecca Glen School

School Involvement


  • Taught various subjects and grade combinations for grades 1-9.
  • Acting Admin (2009-2015)
  • Diamond Team Member. Meet weekly to discuss and plan school needs and direction within the roles of the Technology and Instructional Coach. (2012-2015)
  • Admin/Office Team. Work, plan, and meet with Principal and Admin. Assist. Done within the work of the Aspiring Leaders Program. Also, as part of  this AL role, participated in the hiring/interview process (for teacher and EAs), scheduling, discipline (e.g. suspensions), teacher evaluation process, fire drills & lock downs, newsletter contribution and editing, and aspects of budgeting.  (2014-2015)
  • School Council Teacher Rep (2013-2015)
  • ATA School Rep  (2009 to present)
  • Member and Chair of Olweus Bully Prevention Program Committee for the implementation of a new school bully prevention program.  Drafted documents can be found here.  (2013-present)
  • Developed and maintained a classroom AISI,  and professional web/blog site to support the learning of students and teachers, communicate with parents, and model the effectiveness of this type of technology integration.
  • Athletic Director (2008-2010)
  • Coach for various junior high school team sports (basketball, volleyball, track and field, cross-country, badminton) (2008-present)
  • Referee for school volleyball and basketball (2008-present)
  • "Morning Guy:" Open the school, check water, sweep halls and gym and snow removal. (2009-present) 

Technology Coach:

  • School Technology Contact/Coach.  Provide front-line technology support and troubleshooting, 1:1 coaching support, staff PD in specific areas and applications of technology integration, in-class technology support and modelling, ongoing advocate for purposeful technology integration with staff and students.  (2009 to present)
  • Lead Contact for U21C Project focusing on the role of a technology coach and integration. (2011-2013).
  • Provided staff digital citizenship PD and worked with students (gr. 4-9) and parents in this area.  This is ongoing.
  • Lead and support for 1:1 implementation of Chromebooks for grades 4-9.  (2013-14)
  • Support for implementation of iPads for K-2. 
  • Support and PD for GAFE to staff and students in order to leverage Chromebooks (4-9) and Chromebases (K-3). (2013-2015)

Instructional Coach

  • AISI Leader/Instructional Coach: Created and presented tailored professional development to staff on Wolf Creek's 12 components of an Excellent Learning Environment.  Used coaching role to move all teachers forward in their understanding and practice of the ELEs.  (2012-present)
  • Supported, monitored, and reported on school-wide STAR testing for literacy and Gates-MacGinitie Reading tests.  (2014-2015; 2013-2015)
  • Planned and advocated for increased alignment and collaboration of school reading practices.  Studied in-depth the implementation of a school-wide approach to reading. (2014-2015)
  • Worked with members of the Diamond Team to present to staff on Intervention Teams and Pyramid of Interventions.  Work has begun to develop a Mecca Glen Pyramid of Interventions. (2015)

Division Involvement

  • Part of a focus group that looked at and presented on the evolving role of the tech contact in Wolf Creek Public Schools.  Presented to the Admin Executive and Wolf Creek Admin group on why school tech support and mentor role is important in all Wolf Creek Schools, how it has evolved, and made recommendations on how the structure of supports for students and teachers might be reworked in WC schools.
  • Presented various workshops in the area of technology at Wolf Creek District Office, WC Summer Institutes, WC Technology Symposium, Google Summit (Edmonton 2014) CASS Network of 21st Century School Systems (2013) and WCPS 21st Century Technology Symposium (2014). 
  • Behavioural Coaching Initiative (2008-2009)

Professional Development and Learning

  • Successful completion of "Start Right 2015" A short course on school leadership (2015)
  • Participant in Wolf Creek Public Schools co-developed Aspiring Leaders Program (2013-15)
  • Attended several technology workshops/conventions, including Google Summits (2013, 2014), Google Bootcamp (2014), and Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC) (2014)
  • The 2 Sisters Daily 5 and CAFE (Jan 2015)
  • Crucial Accountability Training Course (May 2014)
  • Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training (2014-2015)
  • Life Spaces Crisis Intervention Training (2014)
  • Teacher Growth, Supervision, Evaluation and Practice Review--An ATA Workshop for Administrators (2014).  
  • Cognitive Coaching Seminars (2012-2013)
  • WCPS 21st Century Leadership Program (2009-2010)
  • Influencer Training (April 2015)


Immanuel Christian School
  • Grade 6 (Math, Science, Social Studies, P.E., Band),  and Science 7/8, & 9
  • Jr. High Basketball Coach


Providence Christian School
  • Taught various grades and subjects: Grade 8/9: Math, English, PE, Science, Bible;  Grade 10: Math 10 Applied, Social Studies;  Grade 11:  Social 23; and Grade 12: English 30, Social 30.
  • High School Basketball Coach


Mark McWhinnie

Assistant Superintendent Learning Supports and Technology Services

(403)783-5441 ext. 1252

Rob Erickson

Colleague, Classroom Teacher, Inclusion Coach 

(403)783-2463 ext. 4089

Shannon Quapp

Parent, School Council Chair

H: (403)788-3837  C: (403)392-7655

Debbie Wiancko

Educational Assistant, Librarian, Parent

C: (403)391-2551  W: (403)783-2463

Tristan Johnson

Administrative Assistant


Jennifer Tyler

School Social Worker


Janny Liebeton

Parent, Member of School Olweus Committee & Playground Committee


Allie Wynnychuk

Mecca Glen Alumni, Past Student


Bev Carson & Dianne Hart

School Custodians

(403) 783-0740 (Bev)                   (403)704-5468 (Di) 


Jul 2013Present

MEd Specialist Leading for Learning

University of Calgary

Degree to be completed by Spring 2015.

Nominated by the Faculty of Graduate Studies (U of C) for the Alberta Graduate Student Scholarship (selection based on "outstanding accomplishments" in Masters' work).  Scholarship awarded from the Achievement Scholarship Program January 2015.

Courses completed to date include Leadership in Learning, Change and Innovation, Research Methodology in Education, Professional Development: Trends and Issues, Schools as Collaborative Cultures, Issues in Educational Management I and II, Leading Assessment, Indigenous History, Leadership & Education, Program and Practice Evaluation, and Collaboratory of Practice (Last course: Writing Educational Leadership).    

More information about this MEd Specialist is available here.


Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education

University of Lethbridge

Trinity Western University

Community Involvement

  • Mustard Seed, Edmonton 
  • Food Bank, Red Deer
  • Christmas Community Dinner, Ponoka
  • CrossRoads Church: Infant Care, K-4 teaching, Red Deer
  • Highway Cleanup (through Mecca Glen Fundraising), Ponoka