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Actually I has worked for CENTRO DE ENSEÑANZA NACIONES UNIDAS  as teacher in Kindergarten and Basic Level for the three year. Also I have responsibilities included area Administration in that place. Also I have been leraned how deveploment my skills as teacher, I feel very confortable.I have a lot of experience and knowledge for to help anyone in anytime that I can. I am very  organized, diligent in my work, easily reachable, and always I´m on time. I  has done an excellent job and I would like a oportunities in which will be learn more in my area as teacher and change knowledge with others teachers...

Work experience

Feb 2007Feb 2011

English Major


CENTRO DE ENSEÑANZA NACIONES UNIDAS It a Institution in which it has a excelent record in the teaching from kindergarten to higth School, Its a intituion whith threty trhee year the experience

in theaching...



Universidad Tecnologica de El Salvador
Jan 2004Present


Universidad Tecnologica de El Salvador


As Teacher
Its. very nice to work as teacher because is a profession in which the people have a oportunities to relationship with diferent ages the students
As Teacher
My experience as a teacher is very nice, I love it beacuse my carrier is  teaching I had been worked as teacher for three years in a Education Institution with children in which I feel very happy beacuse I am doing some things that I like for example I teach to children vocabulary in English with dianimic, song, Histories...