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  • Direct experience in a dental practice as both a dentist and owner
  • Expert in establishing accurate diagnoses, formulating a treatment plan and implementing procedures
  • Excellent patient rapport and communication skills
  • Team player with leadership skills as well as excellent conflict resolution abilities
  • Knowledge of all aspects of managing a dental practice
  • Quality procedure delivery to the full satisfaction of the patient


I originally decided to become a dentist because I enjoy  interacting with people and, although it may sound like a cliche, I enjoy helping others.  I feel I bring a level of quality, dependability, and enthusiasm to any office .  I also create a personal relationship that allows any patient to feel at ease and trust me as their dental care provider.  I offer my service to your organization by providing quality dental care.  By utilizing over 30 years of  progressive experience in the industry and my professional skills I not only provide the help that is needed but also really care for the well being of my patients. I enjoy working with both children and adults and operate as a team member who provides all requested services to the complete satisfaction of  the patient.  Through a history of both owning a dental practice and working as an employee, I know the importance of having a dentist who operates not only for his own interests but as an important part of the organization.  In this manner I strive to provide excellent service not only for the patient but also because the overall success of the office is important to me.


Cosmetic Dental Services
  Invisalign Certified Whitening Composite Bonding
Pediatric Services
  Composites Pulpotomies Extractions  Space Maintainers  
Patient Registration Services
  Case Presentation  Digital Radiography    
Dental Services
      Comprehensive Oral Examinations for new patients Compilation of a Comprehensive Treatment Plan for new patients Periodic Oral Examinations for patients of record Providing the best treatment by checking the history of the patient Advising patients for the protection of their teeth & health Assisting other dentists in emergency situations Composite Restorations Gold & Composite Inlays & Onlays Crowns (full gold crowns, porcelain crowns, and PFM crowns; tooth & implant supported) Bridges (tooth and implant supported) Crown Related Services (build ups & post cores) Full Dentures (conventional and implant supported)  Partial Dentures (conventional and implant supported) Extractions Scaling & Root Planing MI Paste/Etching Treatment Prophylaxis/Fluoride Treatment Night Guards Retainers      

Work experience

Inmate Dentist

Cook County Correctional Institution

After graduating from The University of Illinois I worked as part of  the dental staff at the Cook County Correctional Institution providing Dental Services to the Inmates. I found this was an unique opportunity to learn and provide emergency services to individuals during a particularly stressful  period of their life. My desire to help these ladies and gentlemen was so great that I continued to work there while opening and building my dental practice in Libertyville, Il.

Owner / Dentist

John J. Sullivan DDS Ltd.

I was the owner and dentist of my general restorative practice for 16 years in Libertyville Illinois.  Over those 16 years and  with the help of several dental associates we expanded our reach into the community and provided quality dental services to thousands in the Lake County area.   We helped patients between the ages of 1 and 101 with the full complement of preventive, periodontal and restorative services.  The practice expanded consistently and was grossing over 1.2 million annually.  Due to a family emergency I chose to sell the practice and took a position as an associate with a close friend in Moline, Illinois.   I continued to work in Moline for the next 6 years until 2004. 


Susan D. Frank D.D.S & Associates

I worked in Dr. Franks office for six months in addition to working at Glenlake Dental while Dr. Frank was on an extended leave.  I provided hygiene procedures, treatment planing and general restorative services for new patients as well as patients of record.  My employment there was completed upon Dr.Frank's return. 


Glenlake Dental Care & Smile & Shine Cosmetic Dentistry

These are both family dental practices.  I have been working at Glenlake Dental Care for seven years and at Smile & Shine Cosmetic Dentistry since it opened in 2008.  My functions varied  depending on which location I was working.  I have been working very closely with other restorative dentists and a periodontist  to provide comprehensive dental services ranging from preventive and simple restorative procedures to crown and bridge and implant services.  I have enjoyed providing services to both children and adults. 



Bachelor of Science

University of Illinois - Urbana Campus

Doctor of Dental Surgery

University of Illinois College of Dentistry


Type II Laser Certification

Texas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies

Air abrasion Dentistry

Texas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies

Invisilign Certification

Align Technology