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Work experience

Oct 2010Oct 2010

Grade 5 Pre-Service Teacher

Highview Public School

  • Planned, implemented and evaluated Math, Science and Physical Education lessons for three weeks in a Grade 5 classroom
  • Performed lunch duties and other supervisory duties with my Associate Teacher
Mar 2010Mar 2010

Grade 2/3 Pre-Service Teacher

W.R. Best Memorial Public School

  • Planned, implemented and evaluated Math, Science and Language Arts lessons for three weeks
  • Performed bus duty, lunch duty and other supervision duties with my Associate Teache
Feb 2010Feb 2010

Grade Sk/1 Pre-Service Teacher

Hillsdale Elementary School

  • Planned, implemented and evaluated Math, Language Arts and Gym lessons for three weeks in a senior kindergarten and grade 1 classroom
  • Performed bus duty, lunch duty and other supervisory duties with my Associate Teacher
  • Attended a PLC with a focus on the Language Arts in the primary division
  • Attended a Bridges to Poverty workshop
Jan 2009Jun 2009


Ecole William McDonald School, Yellowknife Education District #1

  • Organized, managed and day to day running of William McDonald Library 
  • Tasks included shelf-reading, cataloguing and shelving new books
  • Supervised students and classes in the library
  • Assisted students, staff and resource staff in the library setting
  • Organized and maintained bulletin boards, organized literacy activities  
  • Other duties included: lunch supervision and Sport and Fitness exploratory
  • Coached Grade 7 Boys basketball, Grade 7 Girls Soccer, Middle School Track and Field
  • Female chaperone with Camp Akaitcho
Sep 2007Jun 2009

Substitute Teacher

Yellowknife Education District #1

  • Taught from prepared lesson plans 
  • Taught Grades Kindergarten to Grade 8
  • Performed recess, lunch and after school duties
  • Taught classes in French and English 
Sep 2005Apr 2007

Women's Intramural Rec Sports Facilitator

Campus Recreation
  • Assisted with the delivery of women's recreation program for female students, staff and faculty at the University of Alberta
  • Supervised students participating in the Sports Management class
  • Planned, scheduled and ran various sport programs: basketball, soccer, volleyball, floor hockey and a variety of indoor and outdoor activities throughout the school year
  • Input  and posted scored online
  • Corresponded with team captains


Lynn Taylor

Paul MacDonald

Deborah Maguire

Overview of Candidate

Professional Knowledge

Teaching Practice

Leadership and Community

Ongoing Professional Learning


Commitment to Students

I believe the role of the teacher is to create a safe learning environment that encourages respect and responsibility for self, others and community as a whole.  Children learn in many different ways, and it will be up to me as a professional educator to seek to understand how each student learns best and to utilize this knowledge to meet the individual needs of the student.I will continually strive to demonstrate to students that what they are learning is relevant in the real world.My greatest goal as an educator is to facilitate the development of a virtuous person and a life long leaner, who will become a productive member of society.

Overview of Candidate

Dear Selection Committee;

I am applying for a teaching position with the Yellowknife Education District #1.In June 2011 I will complete the ITeach Bachelor of Education program in the primaru/junior division at Nipissing University.I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta with at Bachelor of Physical Education.

My work experiences as a lifeguard, camp counselor, substitute teacher and school librarian have allowed me to grow and learn as a person.In many of these positions I had the opportunity to work with a children of different ages with a wide variety of needs and exceptionalities.I have learned that all children are unique and each brings with them a different experience, culture, ethnicity and background.Embracing these qualities allows for a diverse and rich learning environment.

I believe as an educator the most important role you play in a students’ life is to support their learning in an safe, positive and inclusive classroom.

I am looking forward to finally setting down roots in Yellowknife, NT.I appreciate everything the community has to offer and the diversity of the school settings here in the North.I look forward to further communication and if selected will put forth an effort which will not disappoint you.


Bridget McLeod, OCT Candidate


To obtain a teaching position with the Yellowknife Education District #1 for the 2011-2012 school year.

Volunteer Experience






Female Volleyball Coach