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Hello and welcome to my ePortfolio. On this site I have listed and stated all my accomplishments, achievements, skills, and attributes that will make me a great attribute to your agency. I have an outgoing and eccentric personality, and a work friendly attitude, that I believe will be beneficial to your team.  


My mission is to be a team leader in my community, by helping small time community groups I.E., coaching a sports team or by helping raise money for local charity groups.  


My vision is become a team leader and mentor for my community. I will do this by working in local community groups and by asserting myself into major problems that need aid.


Core values that I hold valuable and true are: Honesty, bold integrity, and complete trust. I find that honesty is the best policy in a working relationship and that bold integrity will make ones actions true and countable while complete trust will lead to further success and comradery among team members.



  • Acquire my Class 6 (Motorcycle) license  after college.
  • Pursue a career as a police officer 


  • Travel to Eastern Canada and explore Quebec to discover my French roots and to learn more about Canada.
  • Continue life long learning, constantly learning new skills and treats that could further my future or career as a police officer I.E., pick up a third language.
  • Buy my own House.

Cover Letter



Jan 2014Dec 2015

Criminal Justice

Lethbridge College
  • Enriched knowledge of Canadian Law
  • Reinforced French as second language 
  • Extensive knowledge on English grammar and spelling
  • Enhanced diversity, ethical and personal skills
Sep 2009Apr 2011

Grade 12 Diploma

Grande Prairie Composite High School
  • Member of the Football Team 3 years
  • Took French as a second language
  • Learned great computer proficient skills in Microsoft programs

Work experience

May 2013Aug 2014

Swing Driver

Prairie Disposal
  • Improved Customer service and communication skills
  • Ability to work under pressure and in stressful situations
  • Active team player/leader
  • Dangerous Goods, WHMIS, H2S trained
May 2012May 2013

Class 1 Driver

Northern Bottling Ltd (Coca-Cola)
  • Customer service and communication skills
  • Able to adapt to cultural differences
  • Drove from community to community dealing with multiple diverse cultures/customers and adapting to complex issues/problems
  • Improved leadership skills
Sep 2011Jan 2012

Ground Personnel

Strategic Aviation Services
  • Load & unload Planes in timely manner
  • Able to adapt to any condition
  • Detail oriented

Volunteer Experience

Grande Prairie AB, Raiders Bantam Football Team 

  • Bantam Football Coach (2011-2013)
    • Coached Kids age 13-16 to play sportsmanlike game
    • Team player skills heightened 
    • Acquired knowledge on child care

Wembly AB, Lightning Peewee Football Team

  • Peewee Football Coach (2014-Current)
    • Coached kids age 9-12 to play football
    • Managed skills heightened
    • Child care knowledge improved



    • I am well organized for the fact that being someone who has to work in a stress filled environment will make you be more agile in keeping ones schedule and objectives straight. I demonstrate this quality in every job I do for every job I have had, has its owns stress full environment and problems that interfere and cause one to lose focus.

    Team Leader

    • I am a team leader by nature and a good one to boot. I demonstrate this by coaching kids football teams which require discipline and guidance to lead. Along with this I also demonstrate it at my work by being early each day and preparing all the days events for my coworkers and I. With this I can then take charge and keep track of everyone's work load and distribute aid where needed to allow a successful completion on the job.


    • My flexibility is comparison to an elastic band for I will make room and schedule as much as possible into a day to get the job done and to aid others. I have demonstrated this by making myself available to work any day of the week allowing the company leeway if someone is to not show up for shift. 


    •  I am a determined individual when I set my mind to an objective. I demonstrate this today by working my hardest to get accepted into a policing career.


    Jan 2014Jan 2015

    H2S Alive Certified

    Grande Prairie Regional College
    H2S alive certified means that I am educated and well trained to deal with hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S), and how to properly operate around it.
    Jan 2014Jan 2015

    WHIMIS certified

    Grande Prairie Regional College
    Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHIMIS) certified means that I am trained and educated to dealing to understand the hazarded of workplace material, labels, and data sheets.
    Jan 2014Jan 2015

    Dangerous Good certified

    Grande Prairie Regional College
    I am educated and trained to handle/transport dangerous goods material. E.g. transport H2S gas, oils, lumber, etc.
    Jan 2014Jan 2015

    First Aid Certificate AB, BC

    Grande Prairie Regional College
    Trained to perform basic first aid on someone within the province of Alberta or British Colombia.
    Aug 2013Jan 2015

    Class 1 Licence

    Alberta Government
    Class 1 Drivers: Any vehicle excluding motorcycle - including air brakes


    Louie Lamarue Memorial award for Honesty and Friendship

    • Received while playing Football for the Grande Prairie Composite High School football team in 2011

    Walk a Mile in her Shoes Participation award in support of the YWCA

    • Received in 2014