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Experienced Mariner and fisherman. Familiar with Pacific Northwest Coast, Puget Sound, Inside Passage, Gulf of Alaska, Aleutian Islands, Bering Sea, Chukchi Sea, Beaufort Sea, and the ports associated with those bodies of water. Accurate navigator, competent using paper charts, Pacific Coast Tides and Currents, Coastal Pilot, Notice to Mariners, and Admiralty Publications. Accomplished in the use of electronic charts, radar, ARPA, sounders, and fathometers. Consistent in conducting realistic safety drills to ensure the safety of all crew members and passengers. Diligent in matters of vessel maintenance and the proper servicing of all engines, gensets, pumps, machinery, and deck equipment, to include a posted duty roster and personal involvement to confirm that tasks are fulfilled. Ability to follow detailed instruction and willingness to clarify anything not completely understood.

I'm a firm believer in personally communicating with everyone onboard regardless of position or number of personnel. I think it's important to explain the mission to everyone and to listen to all crew input. A vessel at sea is not a democracy but neither does it have to be tyrannical. Skippers and mates should participate in hands on work with their crew when possible to solidify mutual respect and also to keep our marline spike seamanship up to snuff. Masters and mates should be able to operate all deck equipment and if unfamiliar with the equipment should learn to use it. This fosters an understanding of what is physically occuring on deck during operations that require the Master or Mate be in the wheelhouse. And that understanding creates a safe environment and an efficient operation. Education onboard is also important. Seamen that are sup par should be retaught to splice, tie proper knots, run gear, etc. . Whatever deficiencies exist, an effort should be made to remedy them. All crew should be given the opportunity to learn basic bridge operations such as navigation, at sea boat handling, and operation of side band and vhf radios. Deck personnel should also be taught

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