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Speech/Editorial Writing
Throughout the course of my time at The Foothill Dragon Press and Strickland For Congress, I have grown to become a skilled speech writer and editorialist who can stir emotion while getting his message across to the public. As a matter of fact, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library notified me that my speech on free market economics was the second best speech in comparison to all of the other applicants. 
Having researched for projects both in and out of school, I have really mastered the key of pooling information from various sources and analyzing it to the point where I can produce a research essay or presentation about a certain topic. For example, I gave a "TED Talk" six times at my high school about American patriotism and how that affects foreign policy/gains us the hate from the world. Furthermore, I have done research for congressional campaigns about environmental, economic, and social issues. 
Whether it is an Opinion Section for an award-winning publication or running a fundraising campaign for a non-profit organization, I have many years of experience when it comes to managing a crew and achieving the maximum utility of each individual. 

Work experience

Intern, Speech Writer, Group Coordinator

Tony Strickland for Congress

Balancing school and my other extracurricular activities, I interned a minimum of 12 hours a week for State Senator Tony Sticklands congressional campaign. While on his staff I served as one as his coordinators for Get Out The Vote activities as well as his occasional speechwriter. In addition, I performed other clerical tasks such as creating spreadsheets, flyers, and planning presentations. 

Nov 2008Present

American Cancer Society

I have been an active member of the American Cancer Society for a total of four years and counting. While volunteering there I have been promoted to Relay Captain and Technology Chairman in which I was an important member of the committee that organized and put on Relay For Life events for the city of Ojai. 

Aug 2011Present

Opinion Editor and Editorialist

The Foothill Dragon Press

As the previous Opinion Editor for The Foothill Dragon Press I improved one of the weakest sections by infusing editorial writing with broadcast segments and elevating the quality level in which editorials were written. I now serve as an opinion writer and have received awards (First Place award on behalf of the Ventura County Star) for some of my written pieces. 


Aug 2013Present

Bachelor Degree

The George Washington University

I am a freshman at The George Washington University and will be pursuing a degree in the Elliot Schools of International Affairs. In the course of four years I intend on double majoring and double minoring. My majors include International Affairs and Latin American/Hemispheric Studies, while my minors consist of Spanish Language and Economics. 

Aug 2008Jun 2013

High School Degree

Foothill Technology High School

I am a honors graduate from Foothill Technology High School; achieving recognition for being Magnum Cum Lade, Boy of the Year for Social Sciences AND Community Science, Bilingual, and academic excellence. My time at Foothill Technology High School has been spent improving my skills and talents in an attempt to prepare myself academically for college, 


Ronald Reagan Presidential Scholar

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

International Affairs Program

Georgetown University

Congressional Award For Community Service

Congressman Xavier Becerra


My name is Otto Raul Tielemans and I am a motivated, ambitious, self-motivated student who is currently on his way to the East Coast in order to study at The George Washington University located in Washington, D.C.  Always motivated to be an active member of the community and explore the world beyond my doorstep; I hope to obtain an internship or job at a foreign policy Think Tank where I can put my research, speech writing, and editorial crafting skills to work. 


Lorissa Morales

Witnessing my development throughout my four years at the American Cancer Society, Lorissa Morales is a witness to all of the work I put in for the American Cancer Society and Relay For Life of Ojai.