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To work for a successful and competitive company in a meaningful and challenging position that enables us to contribute and deliver results with our knowledge, experience, commitment and passion.


Manufacturing Operations Leader and Industrial Engineer with diversified experience in Manufacturing Operations Management and Supervision, Process Improvement, Inventory Control, Quality Assurance, Compliance and Regulatory, Manufacturing Business areas within the medical device, electronic and textile industries.  

Assertive leader focused on results, productivity and quality, with high sense of responsibility, commitment, and execution, and the ability to inspire team members to achieve goals and objectives. Solid background and experience in packaging and manufacturing operations, safety and health, product technology transfer and material management.  

Major strengths in Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma philosophies, with strong knowledge of federal and local regulations and requirements within the manufacturing business. Possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Work experience


Manufacturing  Supervisor (Temporary contract)                                                                                      2009-2010

Responsible for the safety and well being of 100 employee and second shift productivity, schedule adherence, overtime management, continuous improvement and quality assurance. Provide input to maintenance department to resolve daily issues. Assist in the tracking and reporting of production data and explain variances. Participate in the TPM and Plant safety programs.

Process Improvement Advisor                                                                                                                                 2002

Researched and developed cost reduction, cost avoidance and earning enhancement projects. Developed procedures and methods to improve material utilization and waste management controls. Implemented facilities layout changes to improve operations efficiency, production output and space utilization. Created and implemented quality control initiatives and reports. Used financial analysis to evaluate strategic options and opportunities. In Charge of 10 Quality Auditors and 1 Process Improvement Technician.

  • Improved department's output by 20% and machine speed by 15%.
  • Eliminated headcount per shift by 20%.
  • Reduced total Plant rejects by 25%.
  • Decreased department's EDL by $110,000 dollars.aved $500,000 in materials account.

Technical Production Manager                                                                                                                  1999 ­- 2002

Managed and responsible for the safety and well being of 250 employees and coordinated new product internalization. Responsible for production, process improvement and quality staff. Executed production schedule, quality objectives and conducted and participated in monthly production meetings. Maintained standard inventory levels and achieved inventory accuracy. Established and managed annual department budget of over $7 million. Led safety committee, revised safety roles for the textile operation, implemented weekly audits and solved all findings.

  • Actively pursued projects such as CMM and TPM to reduce department downtime from 15% to 4%.
  • Revised all JSA's and SOP's of the department with ISO9000 format.
  • Reduce 70% of first aid cases and 62.5% of recordable cases.
  • Achieved 100% accuracy Physical inventory.
  • Minimized rejects from 4.4% to 0.5% and reached 94% in the adherence schedule.

Production Supervisor                                                                                                                                      1997 ­- 1999

Assumed adherence to weekly production schedule and ensured proper use of policies and procedures. Maintained yarn, greige and finish cloth inventory control and performed weekly cycle counts. Directed and participated in weekly production meetings to communicate relevant information. Met safety, quality, production and inventory requirements in the department. Verified that the preventive maintenance had being done correctly and the specifications are complied. Trained, coached, and provided guidance to associates in all production areas to reach departmental goals. Motivated employee to create a teamwork environment. Actively motivated and recognized employee's achievements.

  • Best Supervisor Opinion Survey results in two consecutive years.
  • Reach 100% accuracy in all Corporate Physical Inventory and Aging reports.
  • Increased production output by 45%.

Medtronic PR Operations

Manufacturing Manager                                                                                                                                 2006 - 2008

Responsible for providing leadership, management and planning to Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering resources. Establish operational manufacturing objectives and delegated assignments to subordinate manufacturing supervisors. Lead the manufacturing and Industrial Engineering efforts when transferring new products or technology. Ensure operations have the necessary support to avoid product interruptions and quality issues, improve cycle time, yield, scrap and reduce costs. Responsible for product availability to support the demand forecast. Coordinated Departmental Annual Operating Plan and cost center management and ensure compliance during the year. Ensure department personnel complies with company policies and procedures (ISO 9002, EEO, ADA, OSHA, EPA, ...). Responsible for the department metrics, including capacity analysis, machine utilization and resource management. Interface with F.D.A. during Plant inspections and their official meetings.

  • Relayout and line consolidations to free 20% of manufacturing space for new product transfers.
  • Implemented of the 12 Pack dashboards in all manufacturing lines to meet product cycle times and yields.
  • FactoryWorks implementation thru the plant for traceability of products.
  • Reduced close calls by 60% and reduced PMA findings by 35%.
  • Lean Sigma projects implementation results in $2.4M better than plan and inventory ends $700k lower than plan.
  • Delivery performance of 98.6% out of a 98% target, product availability of 99.4% out of a 98% target.

Sr. Manufacturing Supervisor                                                                                                                       2005 - 2006

Responsible for work assignment, manpower planning, overtime management, quality assurance and employee relations.v  Provide production direction to supervisors, coordinators and employees to ensure completion of weekly production plan.v  Provide input in the design and development for new and/or special tooling and instrumentation.Supported the implementation of products and new technology introduction. Conduct performance appraisals, discipline actions and recommend employees salary increase.Assisted Manufacturing/Industrial engineering with special projects for productivity improvement.Performed operations analysis to assure Defect per Million (DPM), scrap and Total Product Cycle Time (TPCT) goals.

  • JDE workorder management in SP to FP areas to assure information and inventory accuracy.
  • Implemented SMP report for Distribution Center replenishment for a 99% shipments performance.
  • Supported UBD process implementation, SMP, MTCS, FW implementation at packaging areas.
  • Supported transfer from Sullivan Lake (SL) facility for an extended period.
  • Create mechanisms to monitoring the work flow and quality of the line and shared this knowledge with SL management resulting in a better resource utilization and production increase by 35%.

Manufacturing Supervisor                                                                                                                               2003 - 2005

Responsible for work assignment, manpower planning, overtime management, quality assurance and employee relations.Performed material and WIP analysis to minimize production disruption while managing daily rates. Ensure that the proper training is executed and documented as per policies.Conducted performance appraisals, discipline actions and recommend employees salary increase.Ensure compliance with company programs/procedures regarding EEO, ADA, GMP, and safety.Performed operations analysis to assure Defect per Million (DPM), scrap and Total Product Cycle Time (TPCT) goals.Monitor employee performance, efficiency, utilization and equipment downtime.Responsible of manufacturing performance systems transactions (Pull systems, Traceability, JDE, KRONOS, etc.). Recommend possible solutions to correct problems with products and process.

  • Participate in the JDE implementation thru all manufacturing workcells.
  • Merge Sterile Pack operations of two lines and implement 5'S concept in all the manufacturing work cells.
  • Met weekly commitment vs. actual by work cell no less than 99%, controllable by the manufacturing activities.
  • Reduce scrap Workmanship by 20% at two manufacturing work cells.
  • Increase employee's flexibility, 80% of the employees certify in at least 3 operations.

Project Engineer

Engage in six-month contract project to complete kitting area re-layout. Establish KanBan system, perform time studies and work measurement to improve and reduce space utilization. Review all POD's and quality procedures.

Feb 2010Present

Manufacturing Supervisor


Supervises all personnel and operations monitoring production to assure control. Adherence to safety, quality, and schedule requirements. Assures adequate employee training and compliance to Regulatory and Company requirements and policies. Maintains direct contact with support departments to resolve issues on a daily basis. Participates actively in various Company programs geared to optimize performance, reduce costs and meet regulatory requirements. Evaluate EE’s performance, administer the disciplinary procedures where applicable. Ensures monthly schedule goals are met and well planned. Updates and corrects procedures for the operations of new and existing equipment. Supports and coordinates the implementation of Lean Manufacturing strategies and identifies new opportunities of Non Value Added activities. Motivates, manages and develops personnel in a team environment. Complies with the GMP’s, Quality Standards and established policies and/or procedures.


Sales Correspondent/Purchasing Agent

John Crane Caribe

Lead the inside sales and promoting mechanical seals to world-class organizations. Design the operations department workstations labor distribution patterns. Oversaw customer service, purchasing, inventory planning and control; shipping and receiving departments.


Iyola Jimenez

Jocelyn Garcia

Fidel Laboy

Eduardo Ramirez




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