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Work experience

Shannon McLeod

OCT# 616287

(September-April)(After April 30)

684 Robarts Ave100 Dover Mills Rd.

North Bay, ON, P1B 7E4Port Dover, ON, N0A 1N1

Home: (705) 478-5772Home: (519) 583-0564

Mobile: (705) 495-7186Mobile: (705) 495-7186

Email: smmcleod368@Email: shannonmarinamcleod@



May 2011 Bachelor of Education, Primary/Junior Division

Nipissing University, Faculty of Education

Schulich School of Education

iTeach Laptop Learning Program

May 2011Special Education, Additional Qualification Course

Nipissing University, Faculty of Education

June 2010 Bachelor of Recreation and Leisure Studies (Honours)

Brock University, St. Catharine’s, Ontario

June 2007Recreation and Leisure Services Diploma

Fanshawe College, London, Ontario

June 2005Ontario Secondary School Graduation Diploma

Holy Trinity Catholic High School, Simcoe, Ontario


Practice Teaching and Related Experience


St. Hubert School, Grade SK/1, North Bay, Ontario

·Planned and implemented lessons using the Ontario Curriculum in all subject areas with a variety of technological strategies such as SMART Board

2010- PresentCoach U13 Girls Rep Soccer Team

North Bay, Ontario

·Planned and implemented soccer drills, practices, and competitive games while developing individual’s character and life skills, self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment


December 2010St. Alexander School, Grade 4/5, North Bay, Ontario

·Planned and implemented lessons using the Ontario Curriculum in all subject areas with a variety of technological strategies such as SMART Board, Mobile Laptop Unit, and Alpha-Smart to enhance the student learning

·Differentiated lessons to meet all learning styles and learning abilities, ensuring a level of comfort for all learners while providinga learning environment for risk taking and critical thinking

·Participated in monthly staff meetings, volunteered with the Christmas Concert, and implemented extra-curricular activities prior to the school day


Brock University, St. Catharine’s, Ontario

·Planned and instructed ninety minute on- ice skill development sessions for youth and adults

·Utilized life-size video screen for skating enhancement

2008-2010I.M.P.A.C.T. (Intensive Measures: Police and Community Together)

Brock University, St. Catharine’s, Ontario

·A mentor for Youth at Risk-strived to improve self-confidence and self-esteem of participants within a one-on-one relationship in a recreational setting


Norfolk Youth Children’s Association, Simcoe, Ontario

·Planned and implemented summer program activities for children of all ages

·Promoted a positive healthy environment for participants

·Mentored life skills for participants. For example, importance of punctuality, cleanliness, sharing of chores, teamwork and sportsmanship


May2007Norwegian Cruise Line, Miami, Florida

·Plan and implemented recreational activities for children from 3-17 years of age from all locations in the world

·Assisted with the development of social and recreational activities while adhering to the safety procedures of the cruise line

·Programmed recreational activities for diverse groups with injuries and varying abilities while maintaining the objective of the program


John Paul 2 High School, London Ontario

·Planned and executed units of study in Health and PhysicalEducation for grades 9-12 utilizing the Ontario curriculum

·Implemented strategies to enhance all of the students participation and development in the physical education and health program

·In addition worked with a hearing impaired student that was limited in participation, therefore, I initiated the substitution of a flashlight for a whistle to signal a change in activity, the student could not hear the whistle but could see the flashlight and was able to participate in group activities

·Took initiative to take an American Sign Language class.This enabled me to communicate effectively and directly with the student

·Volunteered as an Assistant Coach for the High School Woman’s Hockey Team


Professional Development

·Ontario College of Teachers Certificate

·Standard First Aid and CPR

·School Opening Workshop

·SMART Board 1 & 2 Workshop

·Running Records Workshop

·Collaborative Inquiry for Learning in Mathematics (CIL-M) Workshop

·Physical and Health Education Canada Workshop

·Open Source Software in the Classroom

·Infusion Workshop

·Dr. David Booth Presentation Participant “Balancing ‘Balanced Literacy’ for all Learners”

·High Five Certification



2010Member of Physical and Health Education Canada

2010Member of Nipissing University Women’s Soccer Team

2010Presidents Award-varsity member that demonstrated exemplaryleadership skills (Brock University)

2010 Henley Honda Award –varsity member in good academic standing (Brock University)

2008-2010Member of Brock University Women’s Hockey Team

2005-2007 Member of Fanshawe College Women’s Soccer Team

2007OCAA All-Academic Award

2004Ontario Scholar


Dr. Cher Harvey

214 Silver Lady Lane,

North Bay, ON


Tel: 705-4762767


Rhonda D’Agostino

Associate Teacher

St. Alexander School

Work: 705-472-9141

Home: 705-495-0760


Mary C. Breunig, PhD

Associate Professor, Recreation and Leisure Studies

Brock University

reference letter available upon request

I, Shannon McLeod, grant permission for my references to be contacted.


BA Faculty of Education

Nipissing University

Recreation and Lesure Studies Major in Outdoor Recreation

Brock University

Recreation and Leisure Services

Fanshawe College


Holy Trinity Catholic Highschool


Personal Interests

  • Running
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Reading
  • Camping
  • Travelling
  • Helping Others
  • Leading trips
  • Art


I am currently enrolled at Nipissing University Schulich School of Education’s iTeach Laptop-Learning Program and will be fully qualified to teach in May, 2011.

My pre-service teaching includes experience at the Primary/Junior Division with the Nipissing-Parry Sound Catholic School Board at St. Alexander and St. Hubert school’s.During my tenure at Nipissing University I have gained the opportunity to expand my knowledge of technology used within the school systems.I am familiar with iTEACH Laptop-Learning Program, and SMART Board programming ideas.In addition, I will be qualified to teach at the Junior/Intermediate Division (Health and Physical Education) and will have completed my Special Education Part I, as of June, 2011

Throughout my various roles as outlined in my resume, I have demonstrated a strong sense of professionalism.I have a keen interest in child development through education and physical activity.My strong academic leadership skills provide me with the ability to take initiative, be adaptive, take direction, and to be flexible within the parameters of the school setting.I have belonged to many types of teams throughout my life, some in sports and others in the workplace. I have a strong value for team work and believe that by working together we can all do more. I believe that my skills and experience will be an asset to your school board.

My pre-service teaching provided me with the opportunity to plan and teach lessons in a variety of subject areas. I implemented a variety of teaching strategies, attended staff meetings, helped organize the Christmas Concert, and organized intramural activities prior to announcements. I also had the opportunity to get to know some of the student’s parents, this reinforced that teaching is holistic in nature and that a child’s life is beyond just the classroom.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.I would be pleased to respond to any further questions in an interview and/or can be contacted at 705-495-7186 or through e-mail at


SMART Board 1 & 2 Workshop

·Running Records Workshop

·Collaborative Inquiry for Learning in Mathematics (CIL-M) Workshop

·Physical and Health Education Canada Workshop

·Open Source Software in the Classroom

·Infusion Workshop

·Dr. David Booth Presentation Participant “Balancing ‘Balanced Literacy’ for all Learners”

-      Publishing House

-Infusion Workshop