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Managing Director, Consultant & Marketing VP, with ascending career in Multinational & Domestic companies in the areas of Marketing, Business Development, Sales, Strategic Planning & Innovation; great capacity to design & implement strategies to drive top line growth, improve profitability & gain market share; proven leadership skills to integrate & develop high performance teams; solid know how & ability to identify consumer insights, define and lead an Innovation agenda, develop effectiveadvertising campaigns, creative & engaging promotions and design competitive pricing strategies; excellent communications and interpersonal skills ... Leader of growth & value creation.

Distinctive Talents: Achiever, based on a solid balance between Strategic Perspective and attention to detail, Creative & Resourceful mind, effective Communication & Alignment skills and Sense of urgency; Talent Developer, based on active listening, candid & timely feedback, disciplined project development and direction and experience sharing; Team Builder, based on inclusiveness, service attitude, flexibility and adaptability.

Work experience

Apr 2008Present

Managing Director & Consultant

Bequity Consulting

Managing Director and Consultant in the areas of Marketing Strategy, Consumer Solutions for Growth and Innovation Concept Development. To date, have developed projects for clients such as HSBC, Mike´s Hard Lemonade (Canada), Miller Beer (Mexico) and Humanita (Diagnostics Laboratory). Currently developing projects for Pepsi Beverages, Georgia Pacific Tissue and Tito Foundation (Valle de Bravo, Mexico).

Jan 2006Feb 2008

Regional Marketing VP Foods

Pepsico International Inc - Latin America

Regional Marketing VP for Salty Snacks & Quaker Foods (10 countries / $2.0 Bill US in Revenue)

Assigned the Challenge of leading the redefinition of the Quaker Strategy and Marketing programs at regional level to accelerate growth of this franchise, while sustaining momentum of the Salty category. 

+ Defined a two pronged strategy for Quaker, resulting in +12% Revenue growth vs. ’06 and setting the basis for a more consistent growth rate in years ahead

+ Maintained pace of Salty snacks momentum, delivering a +14% in Revenue, expanding Profit Margins (+1pp), growing Per Capita consumption (+100g) and gaining share of Macro Snacks (+1pp) vs. ’06,  respectively

+ Reconfigured Quaker Team, integrating two strong analytical / results oriented people at Director & Manager levels

+ Led Innovation Council to define pipeline for next 3 years across region

Mar 2001Dec 2005

Regional Marketing VP Salty Snacks

Pepsico International Inc - Latin America

Responsible for the Salty Snacks consumer agenda of region (9 countries / $1.6 Bill US in Revenue), with the main challenge of re-igniting the salty category growth, defining a regional strategy with full alignment of all operations,leading regional Product Innovation, Promotions, Brand Equity Building and Training programs, while coaching Marketing heads in the definition and executions of local plans. Achievements:

+ Contributed to resume Salty growth, posting +20% CAGR in Revenue from ’03 to ’06

+ Improved profit margin by +5pp in same period (from 8 to 13%)

+ Championed growth of Salty Snacks Per Capita consumption (from 800g in ’03 to 1.2 Kg in ’06)

+ Gained +3pp of Share of Macro Snacks from ’03 to ‘06.

+ Improved Brand Top of Mind of Lay’s (+8pp), Doritos (+12pp) and Cheetos (+11pp)

+ Integrated a high performance team at regional level to lead the Insights, Innovation & Promotions agendas

+ Led region to win the Pepsico Int’l Innovation Award for Twistos development & successful launch (wheat based / baked  snack)

+ Led development of Training platform with emphasis on Pricing, Concept Development & Advertising to improve the Marketing Capability of all region

Aug 2000Jan 2001

Managing Director & Consultant

Brand Building Group

Co-founder and Consultant of a consulting firm specialized in the design of competitive strategies and development of marketing tactics to grow top line (volume & sales), based on improvement / creation of Brands. Accomplishments:

+ Built a network of independent partners, linked by a Vision of complementary services & best practices exchange

+ Gained two accounts with a monthly fee contract (Grupo Industrial Saltillo - Home Division) and Tarin & Contreras (Advertising Agency in northern Mexico) 

+ Gained three accounts on a project by project basis (Gruma- Promotions, Grupo Industrial Saltillo - Construction Division and Humanita Laboratories). 

Jan 1999Aug 2000

Marketing Director

In charge of leading the building of the Marketing Department / function, with the main challenge of re-orienting the company from a manufacturing driven operation to a market oriented entity, thus creating a Strategic competitive advantage. This included organization of Marketing Dept, staffing, development of working systems and of Strategies and Annual operating plans. Position managed a budget of $30 MM US and 50+ people. Achievements: 

+ Designed a core strategy for the Cement business, including brand strategy, positioning & pull initiatives

+  Contributed to drive +5% incremental volume vs. ’99 plan

+  Led plans to improve the premium price (+5%) of Cemex brands vs. competition.

+  Developed and led execution of plans to build T.O.M by 13% in two months of Cemex brand

Aug 1997Sep 1998

Marketing Director

Campbell´s Soups

Responsible for leading the consumer agenda for Soups, Juices & Sauces categories, with a staff of 11 people & a budget of $10 MM US. Key Challenge: Set the basis to increase the scale of the Mexican operation, accelerating top line growth.

+ Developed Strategy & annual plans to build momentum behind Soups & Juices, leading to a +11% growth vs. YA

+ Led strategic alliance with the Pepsico group to improve our media buying, obtaining $1.8 million US in savings

+ Spearheaded a change in the strategic direction, broadening consumer base with an expanded product portfolio

+ Championed new advertising positioning for soups

+ Led the launch V8 Splash (Vegetable + Fruit juice), capturing 3% of market in 1 year

May 1997Aug 1997

Regional Marketing Director

Pepsico International Inc - Latin America

Staff position, reporting to the Marketing VP of region. Responsibilities included: identification and / or generation of synergies in the areas of Consumer Insights, regional Product Innovation and Advertising campaigns and Best practices exchange across regions. Achievements:

+ Co led development and delivery of Marketing Seminar for the Asia Pacific Region to improve performance

+ Led development of Regional Advertising Campaign for Lays,

+ Prepared plans to Roll out 3D’s snacks in Latin America and Asia

+ Developed templates to standardize Strat and Annual Plans preparation

Aug 1996Apr 1997

Business Development Director

Pepsico International Inc - Gamesa

Assigned to lead the identification of business opportunities to improve competitiveness and jump shift growth. Responsibilities comprised: coordination of task forces to address commercial issues and / or identify business opportunities, including ad hoc plans; negotiations with “sister“ companies to leverage existing infrastructures; analysis of consumer trends and competitive dynamics to detect threats and opportunities. Accomplishments:

+ Re-introduced the Gamesa line in Central America leveraging the Sabritas selling system, leading to $10 million US in Revenue in year 2      

+ Led analysis and elaboration of D.F. plan, aimed at capturing a $30 million USD business opportunity, via improved sales execution and focused Marketing support  

Nov 1993Jul 1996

Marketing Director

Pepsico International Inc - Gamesa

Played the role of Senior Marketing executive for 8 months, working directly with the President, to lead the re-structuring of the Marketing Dept and developing marketing plans to turnaround the company’s negative trend and to improve profitability, accelerating the growth of the most profitable categories. After this initial period, I was assigned to lead Marketing Strategies and Plans for the Added Value Segments (Sandwich, Marshmallow, Chocolate, Wafer and Fruit, representing 35% of volume, 42% of Dollar Sales and 45% of total A&M budget). Accomplishments:

+ Co led with president the effective reorganization & re-staffing of Marketing Dept.

+ Developed Strategic & Annual plans to drive growth of assigned categories, posting +37% in ’94 & +26% in ‘95

+ Developed & implemented processes to improve Insights, Product Innovation, Advertising & Promotions

+ Promoted to Sr. Marketing Director in ’96 & granted 2 times the Innovation Award. 

Jan 1992Oct 1993

Commercial & New Business Director

Pepsico International Inc - Sabritas

Assigned to spearhead the Bread & Snack Cakes diversification plan, working Planning phase with the President for Latin America & Asia Pacific and leading the negotiations with Continental Baking Co (USA). Assignment provided an invaluable opportunity to strengthen strategic perspective and gain experience in SALES and in establishing the foundation of a new business. Responsibilities comprised: Financial Planning, Sales Force Integration and Management, Logistics coordination and Marketing. Accomplishments:

+ Developed a new Sales division to open test market, integrating salesmen, adapting sales training manuals and managing  the day to day operation of business, including negotiations with Supermarkets and Convenience Stores

+ Initiated Test Market in D.F. for Hostess Bread and S. Cakes, gaining 20% share of space in Supermarkets and generating  $10 MM USD in sales in 1st year

+ Developed and launched La Doña (Sweet Bread line) to complement baked offerings and improve route productivity

+ Led analysis and developed Business plan to confirm the viability and strategic fit of this business with Pepsico long term goals in Mexico

Aug 1986Dec 1991

Brand & Group Manager

Pepsico International Inc - Sabritas

Marketing positions which allowed me to gain balanced and solid marketing experience (Consumer Insights, Product Development, Packaging Design, Pricing, Advertising, Promotions) in management of core brands, development of new products, development of Advertising and Consumer promotions and leadership of multidisciplinary teams. Responsibilities included: Annual and Strategic Marketing programs (planning and execution), A&M management, people recruiting and training. Achievements:

+ Development and execution of volume business programs; most relevant were: Fritos re launch, Doritos Chile and Sabritas Jalapeño Line Extensions, Crujitos and Poffets introduction,

+ Development of advertising campaigns for key brands like Sabritas potato Chips, Doritos, Rancheritos and Cheetos,  growing TOM by at least 2 pp vs. base      

+ Developed & executed six consumer Promotions, with a +35% avg growth per event

+ Developed & led critical SOM Recovery plan in Monterrey, regaining +10 pp in 10 months


Aug 1982Jun 1984


The American University

MBA with Major in Marketing and a Minor in Finance

Aug 1977Jul 1981


Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana

Marketing Leader of Growth


Effective Presentations
Design of Strategies for growth
Development of Holistic Communication Campaigns / programs
Development of Pricing Strategies
Development of Consumer Promotions
Development of Product Innovation
Integration & Development of High Performance Teams
Consumer Research Methodologies
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel & Power point)