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Orthopedic Alternatives offers patients 24 years of experience in providing high-quality, customized braces.  Orthopedic Alternatives' custom-designed foot orthotics play a vital part in the prevention of deformities and the repair of fractures, strained ligaments, and other issues affecting patients’ ability to walk comfortably. Patient benefit from having a specially trained pedorthotist on the Orthopedic Alternatives’ staff. Orthopedic Alternatives also offers spinal bracing for individuals with chronic pain, fractures, kyphosis, or scoliosis. The Boston Scoliosis Brace is particularly recommended for the conservative,( non-surgical) treatment of this condition, and Orthopedic Alternatives fits hundreds of these each year.

A large majority of Orthopedic Alternatives’ patients are young people who require pediatric bracing.  The firm remains committed to providing encouragement and practical knowledge in an effort to reduce a family's stress and anxiety. Some of the Orthopedic Alternatives practitioners are themselves parents and former brace wearers who can relate to the experiences of each young patient they serve. 

Since founding Orthopedic Alternatives in 1987, David Moskowitz, CPO, and Eric Tosky, CO, have focused on improving all aspects of the orthotic process, from measurement and fitting to design and customization. Over the years, the staff members at Orthopedic Alternatives have developed numerous procedures in an effort to improve fit and increase safety, comfort, and reliability. Since its inception, Orthopedic Alternatives has grown to three offices in New York and New Jersey. Processing brace orders from all three offices centrally allows for significant cost reductions, which are passed on to patients directly. Orthopedic Alternatives is online at and maintains a toll-free number, (800) 867-8467.