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MSc. in International Management - Grande Ecole

ESCP Europe

I have been accepted in the MSc. in International Management (Grande Ecole) program offered by ESCP Europe, a program ranked # 1 worldwide by Financial Times in 2010. I have also be awarded a merit-based scholarship covering 100% of the tuition fees for the first year of the program. My enrollment in the program has already been confirmed and the expected start of the course is September 2011.

Sep 2007Jul 2011

BBA in International Finance and Accounting

International Business School Groningen, Hanze University of Applied Sciences

·Expected graduation: 15 July 2011, BBA in International Finance and Accounting

·GPA for year one and two 8.8/10.0 (top 5% of my class)–Cum Laude, Propedeuse

I am currently looking for a graduation project for a multinational company in the field of International Finance. The duration of the project is approximately 2-3 months, but it could be further negotiated with the employer. I can officially start working on the project in the beginning of April.

You can find the IBS grade and credit details here and my transcript here.

Sep 1999Jun 2007

High School Diploma

Sofia High School of Mathematics

I have graduated from Sofia High School of Mathematics (one of the best schools in Bulgaria) among the top 5% of my class, which helped me develop my analytical skills and logical thinking. This is further substantiated by the fact that I am the only person who has qualified and participated in four International Olympiads in Mathematical, Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, for which the above mentioned competencies were crucial. The knowledge I have acquired in the fields of Mathematics and Linguistics turned out to be extremely beneficial for my current studies as well, especially when it comes to finance-related disciplines.

Work experience

Feb 2010Aug 2010

Intern in the Value Partnership Services Team

SAP Deutschland AG & CO. KG

The six-month internship I completed at SAP has helped me significantly in defining clear career goals. I was the Knowledge Management (KM) and Quality Management (QM) champion of the VPS team, as well as the personal assistant of the Head of Chief Global Consultants. Being assigned to the management consulting division, I had the opportunity to collaborate intensively with a global team of principal business consultants. Although I was involved mainly in back-office activities, I was able to gain valuable insights into the nature of a consultant’s job.

Jul 2009Aug 2009

Intern in the Risk Management department of CIBANK

CIBANK, Member of the KBC group

During this summer internship at the risk management department of CIBANK, I acquired a better understanding of the risk management policies used, the different sub-departments involved, their function, etc. I was mainly engaged with credit administration of corporate clients, which involved preparing contracts, verification of the relevant documentation, constant synchronization with the legal advisors and the credit experts from all the branches in Bulgaria.

Nov 2008Aug 2009

Member of the International Student Team

Hanze University of Applied Sciences

This part-time job helped me in financing my studies during my second year in IBS Groningen. As a member of the International Student Team, I was mainly responsibile to coordinate coordinate the follow-up activities. I was involved in the communication between Hanze University of Applied Sciences and the students accepted in the international programs.

This job helped me enhance my organizational and communication skills.

Apr 2009Jun 2009

Statistics Tutor

International Business School Groningen

I was employed by IBS Groningen to assisst several classmates of mine to understand the subject matter and pass their exams. This job gave me valuable insights on how to motivate people.




Melissa Oudshoorn-Fuller

Eric Nijsten


  • Eiffel excellence scholarship from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2011-2013)
  • ESCP Europe scholarship for top applicants covering 100% of first-year tuition fees (2011-2012)
  • American Foundation for Bulgaria scholarship for exceptional academic achievements (2005-2007)
  • Scholarship from the Ministry of Education & Science for talented Bulgarian students (2006-2007)

Portfolio: Various Projects


Highly motivated and very communicative, I am a top student in IBS Groningen, which offers the best IBMS program in the Netherlands.  The business projects, which were a major part of the program, helped me develop my analytical, people, teamwork, and language skills. Working in a multicultural environment, spending a semester in Hong Kong, and completing a six-month internship in the management consulting department of the German software giant SAP, contributed immensely to my intercultural adaptability and further enhanced my interest in foreign cultures and doing business abroad.

Computer Skills

  • Microsoft Windows Operation System
  • Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint)
  • SPSS (basic knowledge, acquired during the module Business Research Methods at IBS)
  • SAP (basic knowledge, acquired during the internship at SAP, Germany and during the module Supply Chain Management at IBS)


2009-to date      Mixed dances

1991-to dateSkiing (class D) - participation in school competitions

2002-2009Karate (7Q) – participation and rewards from competitions

2004-2007Soccer (girls’ division) – participation and rewards from tournaments and competitions


I am looking for a new and exciting location for my graduation project, where I will have the opportunity to contribute to a multinational team by putting into practice what I have learned so far during my undergraduate education.

Extracurricular Activities

09/2010 – to dateHong Kong Global Student Challenge Business Plan Competition, Team leader

2008 - 2009International Business Union Business Team, Chairperson

-Contact with many Western European companies

-Organization of conferences, business trips, networking events

-Participation in seminars and lectures on different business topics

2008 - 2009 International Business Congress 2009, Member of organization committee

-Cooperation with different student organizations

-Organization of a business event with the participation of companies from Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium

2002 – 2007International competitions in Linguistics, Member of the national team

-Participation in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th International Olympiads in Theoretical, Mathematical and Applied Linguistics for secondary school students (Moscow, Russia, 2004; Leiden, Netherlands, 2005; Tartu, Estonia, 2006; St. Petersburg, Russia, 2007)

-Participation in all the national competitions in the period

-Numerous international and national awards including Diploma of the first degree in Leiden (captain of the team) and Diploma of the second degree in St. Petersburg (captain of the team)

2004 – 2007European Integration Club (supported by the Institute of Environmental Strategies)

-Reports about different aspects of the Bulgarian political, economical and ecological situation

-Publications in student magazines for European students

-Participation in presentations, seminars and round table discussions

-Several diplomas from the Institute for Environmental Strategies

2004 – 2006Students’ government, Class president


May 2010May 2015