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Work experience

Sep 2006Present

Sep 2006Present


I started playing soccer in Lmsa since 2006, i played in a soccer club team before that Pumas in Anaheim, I have been in lmsa for 5 years won 4 championships. I have played goalie, defense, but what my position is right mid-fielder and forward. I have also helped my sisters coach with the team by teaching them some skills, helping set up the net, passing them the balls. Ihave the ability to play in and coach a soccer team.


Sep 2009Present

High School Diploma

California High School


My objective is to go to college and graduate from either medical or automotive repair. Work in a car company fix cars in my spare time. One of my main goals is to try out for a proffesional soccer team, to keep playing what i love the most and make money out of it.


Rafael Cortes


listen, learn, and teach
Whenever i am interested and want to learn something new i listen to what is said and the ability to learn it quickly. I have the capability that whatever i have learned i can teach it to someone else that needs the help in that field. I can teach and like to see someone do something that i taught them. I like to be organized and responsible for what my job is and accomplish it with the best of my ability with these skills i try to make the work better than the time before and whatever i learn put it to work  with more perfection if i can.