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Enthusiastic, driven business professional enhanced by a proven track record in operationalizing machine learning models, strategy consulting, and PowerPoint creation for executive-audiences. Aptitude abounds as large scope thinker, problem solver, and sharp focus for engaging businesses to leverage predictive analytics.

Preferred analytics software include R,, SQL, SAS JMP, Python, and Pyspark.

Work experience

June 2018Present

Data Science Sr. Analyst, Houston Innovation Hub


Responsible for delivery on client-facing advanced analytics projects in the resources industry (chemicals, natural resources, oil and gas, and utilities industries) at the Houston Innovation Hub. Project-based analytics including but not limited to machine learning, big data analytics, statistical analysis, data preparation, etc.

• O&G Upstream Predictive Maintenance - Supported an initiative focusing on creating and scaling algorithms used to predict equipment failures on deepwater oil rigs.

• O&G Upstream Predictive Maintenance - Supported an initiative focusing on predicting equipment failures used for well treatments.

• O&G Downstream Digital Marketing Analytics - Supported a high-level technical architecture modernization project, developed KPI frameworks for various subsets of digital marketing.

March 2017June 2018

Data Scientist, Digital Enablement & Innovation

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

I developed predictive analytics solutions with the Digital Enablement & Innovation team under HPE Global Operations. My scope of work included researching, developing, and deploying machine learning, predictive models on large datasets from across the enterprise (e2e) to enable better business decision-making for business users. I was lead advisor for methodology, research design, model checking and validation within the HPE team. Analytics research areas include order management analytics and supply chain analytics.

Areas of research include: 

• Machine learning used to predict the expected wait time a sales order has from creation to the manufacturing trigger, prior to the availability of all components. 
• Machine learning used to predict individual sales order milestones, from the time a customer initiates a sales order, manufacturing begins and ends, and the sales order is sent to the hub within inbound logistics.
• Operationalized multivariate time-series  models and designing neural network architectures for forecasting high-value commodities within supply chain procurement.
• Statistical analysis to identify highly variable behavior contributing to early / late product delivery within order and supply chain analytics. 

October 2015February 2017

Business Strategy Manager, HPE Servers Strategy

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

I provided strategic consulting and implementation expertise for all global business units, leadership and support teams within HPE Servers (≈$15B). I provided insights into server-market investment decisions and identified opportunities and risks through the use of competitive analysis and quantitative analysis specific to executive forums such as strategic programs, strategy development workshops, and business unit-level requested analysis.

Analysis and problem-solving work include:

• Responsible for supporting development of 3-year servers strategy and 3-year server software strategy plans for the business by developing analysis of the market, competition, and strategic options that lead to competitive advantage.
• Prototyped HPE's first "On-Premise & Cloud Economic TCO Calculator". Gained positive, mass attention from executive leadership across the business. Resulted in a larger project spanning across marketing and solutions engineering.
Developed Total Available Market (TAM) models used for executive-level decision making into server technology industry for all global business units.

Jun 2015October 2015

Predictive Modeler (MBA Intern), NPS Economics

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

I developed predictive models for the Net Promoter Score (NPS) System using NPS data, financial data, customer surveys, market data, and economic data. Our team created several models which predicted a global revenue impact of x.x%. Analyses and problem-solving work included cleaning data for statistical analyses, supporting the businesses consumer research initiatives w/ statistical analyses and building generalized linear models and ARIMA models for the NPS System.

Jul 2014Jun 2015

Business Development Manager 

Darley Consulting, Inc.

DCI is a family-owned consulting firm in the oil and gas and maritime industries that specializes in leadership training for medium to enterprise-sized businesses. I engaged in various capacities to develop, close, and operationalize new business opportunities to include F2F marketing, market research, and solutions  development. Clientele include Ensco, Technip, Diamond Offshore, and several others.

Sep 2010Aug 2014

Avionics Specialist

United States Air Force

I diagnosed and corrected malfunctions for both major and component assemblies using schematics and wiring diagrams, integrated test systems or other measurement equipment for the F-15 and F-16 fighter aircraft.

(2011-2013) Competed under the World Class Athlete Program (WCAP)



Post-Graduate Certificate in Data Science

Northwestern University

Coursework includes applied optimization and simulation modeling, advanced modeling techniques (cont'd studies in machine learning), analytics consulting, and big data analytics.


Master of Science in Predictive Analytics

Northwestern University

The master of science in predictive analytics coursework (2015-2017) focused on various aspects of statistical analysis, multivariate time series forecasting, Generalized Linear Models, Gradient Boosting Machines, Random Forests, clustering algorithms, and introductory coursework into deep learning.


Master of Science in Business Management

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Thesis: Major Emergency Management Competency of Offshore Installation Managers in the Gulf of Mexico. The thesis is a 56-page document with a bibliography encompassing 21 titles. In this mixed-methods research study, leadership traits were recorded in a controlled environment and analyzed using traditional statistical methods to uncover patterns among various occupational-related demographics.

(2014) One of two ERAU scholarship recipients for displaying successful academic achievement.